Kea: the favourite sophisticated island of the weekend

Just an hour away from the port of Lavrio, with a very frequent service (so you can pop even for a one-day last-minute excursion), Kea is a very popular island with the Athenians. Many people have a cottage here or come with their boat, giving the island a cosmopolitan aura. Kea boasts many lovely beaches, a well-maintained network of trails and remarkable tourist infrastructure. Spend a morning in the path that leads to the Ancient Karthea, one of the four ancient cities of the island. Ioulida, the island’s capital, is full of narrow streets and beautiful shops and ideal for walks while the sun sets - follow the signs to the majestic Lion of Ioulis that dates back to the archaic times. Vourkari is a small, scenic harbor where everyone gathers after dark for good food and drink by the sea. “Aristos” in Vourkari (2288021475) serves spaghetti with lobster that have become famous and “Magazes” (2288021104) is a modern taverna that stands out at the promenade of the port of Korissia. Between Korissia and Vourkari, the luxurious “Porto Kea Suites” (2288022870), a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, spreads over landscaped gardens by the beach. “Aigis Suites” (2288021825) affords magnificent views across Vourkari and moments of relaxation by the swimming pool.