Postcards from Greece

Postcards From Greece - Panasonic GH4 Miniature Effect, Tilt-shift from White Balloon Films on Vimeo. As a husband and wife team filming weddings during the summer in our beautiful country of Scotland, come winter, we find ourselves looking for a holiday destination to escape to, recharge our batteries and practice new filming techniques that we can employ the following year.  But where to go? Australia?  Too far away… Thailand?  Too many mosquitos… Canary Islands?  Been there...many times... Greece? Yes! Okay, so maybe not quite as hot in winter as the aforementioned options but with 15˚C offering welcome relief from our long northern-hemisphere winters, a short 4-hour flight, a nation of hospitable people embracing tourism, interesting culture, captivating history and breathtaking scenery, why go anywhere else?! Here’s a tip...hire a car and explore!  With its well-maintained road network, driving is safe and comfortable (even when one is used to driving on the left side of the road!) and gives much quicker and easier access to the the wealth of treasures waiting to be found.  After spending 3 fantastic nights in Athens, we journeyed round Peloponnese. In no particular order, here are our top 5 places to visit in this wonderful region! 1. Ancient Epidavros We stayed in this ancient seaside town as it was perfectly located to explore Peloponnese.  With its orange and lemon groves, tranquil beach, restaurants open in low season and proximity to The Ancient Theater of Epidavros, it is the perfect town to base yourself in winter. 2. Nafplio Whilst it is a well documented fact that Nafplio is a ‘must see’ destination in Peloponnese, every word of praise for this stunning town is justified a hundred times over.  Go see the fortresses, castles, the charming old town, but above all, take a moment to just feel the sense of contentment that comes with being in such a welcoming town.  A great place to visit in winter when some of the seaside towns are in hibernation. 3. Tolo The seaside resort of Tolo may be a little quieter in winter than they would be in the summer months but just a short hop from Nafplio, head over and see the enchanting beach lined with fishing boats looking out to a small island a couple of hundred metres away.  Characterised by small, low-rise resorts, we felt a sense of adventure approaching Tolo, reminiscent of our travels in south-east Asia, only a lot closer and without the mosquitos! 4. Ancient Corinth With weather perfectly suited to sight-seeing over the winter months, Ancient Corinth is an ideal stop to take in some of the fine architectural sites outside of Athens.  Situated up on a hill with splendid views across the water, Ancient Corinth makes for an ideal day-trip in the winter months. 5. Mycenae Sticking with the sight-seeing theme, the ruins Mycenae are well worth a visit, perhaps on the same day as a trip to Ancient Corinth.  Walk around the ruins and use your imagination to picture ancient Greek civilisation thousands of years ago.  Quite something! Article by Stewart & Alina www.whitebaloonfilms.co.uk