Top 5 things to do in Santorini

1. Watch the sunset from Oia. It is said that if you want to see the best sunset, the island of Santorini is the place to go. From the beautiful cliff-top village of Oia with the white washed houses, the windmills and little churches with the blue domes you will see the sun dive into the Aegean Sea. Beware, you will not be alone, everyday a lot of people gather in Oia and climb the cliffs in order to find the best spot for the perfect picture. 2. Visit the museum of wine and do a wine tasting Santorini has been producing wine through the ancient times. The most famous varieties include Assyrtico, Athiri and Aidani. In the beautiful village of Messara the Koutsoyannopoulos family has made a museum of wine. The museum is housed in a natural cave 300 meters long, where you will learn the history of wine and the life of vine growers in Santorini since the 1600s. After the tour visitors will have the chance to taste four of the best wines that the winery produces. 3. Visit the Akrotiri Archaeological site The excavations of Akrotiri have uncovered one of the most important prehistoric settlements of the Aegeandating back from the 4th millennium BC. There you will see the magnitude of the town, the multi – storey buildings, its drainage system, the wall paintings, the furniture and vessels all well preserved due to the fact that they were covered by the volcanic materials. The archaeological site is open to visitors daily from 10:00 to17:00. 4. Make an excursion to the volcano There are several tours operating on the island that will take you to the volcano, from there it is a 10 min walk to the top where you can see the active crater. Some other tours after the volcano take you to the island of Palaia Kameniwith the hot springs and famous mud baths. 5. Spend a day on the beach. One of the most beautiful beaches of the island is theRedBeach, named by the red and black volcanic pebbles. The water is warm and the beach is organized. Another nice beach on the island is Perissa. The beach has black sand, crystal waters and an impressive rock called Mesa Vouno that rises trough the sea. The beach is famous for young people due to the beach bars and water activities. From the village of Perissa you can visit the ruins of Ancient Thera either on foot or by riding donkeys.

 Article by  travelpassionate.com