Greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts

Whether you eat it for breakfast, lunch or dessert, this is a real treat! Take your cutest bowls out of your cupboard, fill them with Greek yoghurt and break a handful of walnuts over it. Drizzle as much honey as you like on top….Enjoy!! Teaspoon Sweet I also love to ladle Teaspoon Sweets on yoghurt, but for you to try that you have to come to Greece! Teaspoon Sweets are not a jam or jelly. They are made of fruits, flowers, vegetables, nuts and often surprising ingredients that in a raw form are not edible, like green figs, quinces or citrus peel. The ingredients simmer for a long time in a sweet syrup before they are put in jars. During the whole process I don’t use any preservatives, colors or glucose. The fruits retain their original color, taste and aroma. They are still firm and juicy. In Greece it is tradition to serve the teaspoon sweet to guests and family. It is served on the prettiest small plates with little teaspoons, from where the sweet gets its name. This is the Quinces Teaspoon Sweet… …and here is one of my favorites, the Lemon Teaspoon Sweet  

 Article by Katerina Sakelliou www.katerinaskouzina.com