Santa Claus together with Mrs Claus and his five inseparable assistants are on their way to the bright polar star, sitting on their high technology sled of one hundred reindeers and twelve nano-cylinders. Like every year, the famous “builders” set their magical factory, in order for the entire planet to receive freshly made Christmas, which fall gently like a veil of caster sugar over the cities of men. Suddenly, an unexpected breakdown of the sled spoils their, otherwise, quiet journey.

  According to the gyroscope, which Tatziz and Jazz always held, the coordinates indicated 37.983723.7 northwest of Greenwich, exactly above the city of Athens. “We are located over Greece and as it seems…we are falling down!!” sounded Tatziz’ fearful voice, while their sled begun to descend. By the time you could shout “Merry Christmas!”, the magical vehicle had tumbled clumsily on the Parthenon, casting the eccentric crew in different spots of Athens. Not knowing where they were our heroes were trying to recover from the impact and understand in which place of the city they had fallen. And furthermore to find the others!  Everyone was healthy and sound, as being Christmas creatures they could not be daunted by a little fall from 80.000 feet, but their stress kept growing if they would make it on time! Build their factory and avoid leaving people Christmas-less. 

  “It will be a scandal if we won’t have Christmas this year” thought Charlie the Toymaster, while dusting off his clothes. “But where am I? Where are the others?” he continued to puzzle, without of course knowing that the hard landing had slung him to the picturesque Plaka.

  The other assistants of Santa were in the exact same situation. Depasta Licorice had ended up in Plato’s Academy while Tatziz and Jazz had plumped flat out in the center of Thissio.

  The chief and leader of the Christmas factory, Madrakoukos the Chiefgargle, had landed in Syntagma Square observing joyfully the legendary change of the Presidential Guard, while Mrs Claus, who for the first time in her life had been separated from her husband, had landed on the Columns of the Olympian Zeus. There she was, sitting on one of the Ionic columns and crying, talking to herself. “My dear Santa Claus, where are you? Where are we going to set our factory this year? How are we going to construct Christmas for the people?” Her words spread through the city and flew like white doves directly to the ears of the rest.

  Everyone got up and looked at the clear sky. A common wish was born immediately in the minds of the five master builders: to build Christmas again this year! They knew very well that there was no chance to get to the polar star on time, but there was also no chance not to construct Christmas for the people.  They would do their best to set their famous factory on time and send this magic holiday all over the world.

  But in order to get to this point it was absolutely necessary to get back together again as a team. Get to the place that Santa Claus had landed and start the procedures for the Christmas building. But where was Santa? Where had he fallen? And which was the ideal place to set the mythical factory?

  Once again, the answer had been written on the moon, as if the universe had well listened to their prayers. “Everyone rush to Technopolis! The Athenians call this place Gazi and from that area we will be building the Christmas of people this year. Hurry up! Love, Santa Claus“ The message was clear and the signature confirmed its validity. Santa Claus had found the ideal place to set The Christmas Factory. Now, the only thing that remained was for the others to find their way to Technopolis. But how would they arrive there? And what would they meet in their way?

  Thus, if you accidentally see in some alley one of the five famous Christmas builders, please help them arrive at Gazi. It’s up to every Athenian now to help create Christmas for the entire planet, but mostly it’s up to the children to show us what magic and festivity mean...

Article by George Lebesis for The Christmas Factory