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n Thursday ctber 16th 2014 at 19:00 the private club Saln de Briclage (Athens) and the curatr Anna Chatzinassiu present at the affiliated private club The Hspital Club in Lndn, a grup exhibitin titled "Staging the dmestic". The exhibitin will last till Sunday December 7th 2014. The exhibitin pens in parallel t the pening f Frieze Art Fair Lndn, ne f the wrld's leading cntemprary art fairs and meeting pint fr the internatinal artistic creatin. The title "Staging the dmestic", inspired by the wrk f artist Kstis Velnis, has a duble meaning. The term "dmestic" is used in this exhibitin with its dual meaning, indicating bth the hme and the native. The title culd thus be interpreted bth as "installing artwrk within a dmestic envirnment" and as "directing native Greek art acrss brders." The artists Venia Bechraki, Alexandrs Gergiu, Apstls Gergiu, Pans Kkkinias, Angel Plessas, Mantalina Psma, Alexandrs Psychulis, Gergia Sagri, Danae Stratu, Elena Syraka, Pans Tsagaris, Kstis Velnis and Marina Vernics, express themselves thrugh varius artistic mediums such as painting, phtgraphy, drawing, sculpture and in-situ web installatins.  A series f artwrks will be shwn thrugh a different cntemprary apprach, which strives t create a dialgue, aiming t explre further the idea f an aesthetic and spiritual elevatin created by art n a actual living level, inside "ur hme". n a deeper level, the selected artwrks exhibit intense intrspectin and existential pursuit as the artists invlved make clear their wish t create an antidte t the daily restlessness f the human mind; in cnsequence, their art sthes the sul aesthetically and aims t create a sense f shelter; a further reflectin upn the necessity f art in peple's hmes. * Funded in 2004 by Paul Allen, the c-funder f Micrsft Crpratin, and the frmer member f Eurythmics, musician David A. Stewart, "The Hspital Club" is ne f the mst successful private members' clubs in Lndn, with it's wn very imprtant art sectin and a vast exhibitin prgram. "The Hspital Club" has als been paired up t Chrysanths and Spyrs Panas "Saln de Briclage" private members' club in Athens, f which Anna Chatzinassiu curates the artistic prgram. Special thanks t ur spnsrs Aegean Airlines and Gras Savye Willis fr their kind supprt.