Greek Luxury: Discover the Splendor of Santorini Island

  Beautiful white and blue houses on precipitous hills making one dizzy, a mysterious volcano, and spectacular views : and luxury hotels. One can find everything on this gorgeous Island. Some writers and mystics consider Santorini to be a part of the lost continent of Atlantis. Romantic poets say – it’s an Island of Love.

  They seem to be absolutely right. It’s unique; and a ‘MUST VISIT’ place. It was during my second time on Santorini, that its beauty really carried me away. Many tourists make the mistake of going there just for a day trip. This just doesn’t give you the opportunity to feel the soul of Santorini. So next time I went there for a whole weekend. Only then did I realise how mysterious and peaceful this island really was. 

Our luxury holiday began! I even switched off my phone in order to enjoy the special atmosphere of this place. 

  Santorini is part of the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea and is situated in less than 150 km from the biggest Greek island – Crete. You can get there by plane, helicopter or by ferry. 
  Santorini is also known as the Thera; or the Santa Irini Island. The island obtained its present ‘New Moon’ shape during a mighty volcanic eruption in the 15th century BC. The eruption made the central part of the island sink, leaving a high cliff caldera and the volcano in the middle. Walking on Santorini is very tiring; especially when it's hot...

... so if you wish, you can take a donkey for your sightseeing tour around the island.

We chose a hotel with a caldera view on the west of the Island . This is where the most expensive hotels were located. But next time I want to stop at a Luxury Resort chosen  by famous Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. The silence is unbelievable: and you get a view of a sleeping volcano. The last great eruption happened in 1956, so nowadays you can even go there on excursions. Breathtaking views... 

  The white and blue architecture was not traditional for Santorini until the Ottoman occupation. Local legend has it that in those days the Greeks were forbidden to use their blue-white flag. So one night (as an act of protest) they painted all their houses into the colors of their national flag.

The island is also famous for The Red Beach...

 …and The Black Beach … and the long and colorful sunsets that will stay in your memory forever.

Article by Irina Golubeva Via TripTemptation