How to experience Greece – the Greek way


  Idyllic lagoons, antique architecture, one of the eldest cultures in the world, great food & great weather – this is Greece through and through. But ask a traveller what they love about Greece the most and they’ll most likely answer : the hospitality! The tradition of generous hospitality toward strangers has its roots in Greece.

Here is how you can discover Greece – the Greek way.

  Travel like a local : Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Each day, we at Airbnb hear about meaningful exchanges between hosts and guests in Greece. We hear from people who have met people they never would have known and who embraced their fellow travellers. Airbnb enables travellers to experience Greece and other parts of the world as a local. Here, people can list and book unique accommodations around the globe. The site connects people to unique travel experiences by helping travellers to stay with locals and to feel at home everywhere they go. The Airbnb community spans the globe and includes hosts in more than 35,000 cities and 190 countries.

The comforts of home : Take Emilia Grammenandi, a host from Corfu. Emilia has been hosting on Airbnb in Agios Gordios for more than three years. “Guests from Airbnb are more special. They seem really interested in the personal experience and in the relationships they can build when travelling, and they love to live like a local.” Emilia hosts a lot of families – some also returning from time to time. “It’s great to see how the children grow up!” Traveling by yourself, you might be happy in a variety of situations. Families though might be looking for a place with a separate bedroom, a kitchen, as well as a garden to toll in and toys to play with. When you stay in a home, the advantages for travellers become clear very quickly.

The Sharing Economy : Airbnb is part of the so-called Sharing Economy. By sharing what we already have – like additional space, cars, skills and time – everyone benefits in the process. The Sharing Economy can help us pay the bills, work flexible hours, meet new people or spend more time with our families. We are welcoming strangers into our homes, hopping into their cars, and eating food in their dining rooms.

Apartment sharing in Greece : Greece remains one of the most desired holiday destinations in Europe. The number of Airbnb travellers who visit Greece is constantly growing. At the same time Greek hosts can earn a little extra income by welcoming the world into their apartments and showcase typical Greek hospitality. Thousands of Greeks have opened up their apartments for travellers from all around the world.

Article by : AIRBNB