Top 7 photo spots on Zakynthos

When you return from your holidays you bring back home memories, souvenirs and of course your photos. If you are going to visit Zakynthos and you are wondering which places you have to visit in order to take the coolest photos, just keep reading. With the help of some of the best professional and amateur photographers on the island, we proudly present you the Top 7 photo spots in Zakynthos. Romantic or breathtaking, popular or less known, best for day or night shots, they are all here. 1)      The Lake of Keri The lake of Keri is a picturesque little gulf on the south east part of Zakynthos and it offers the best view over the Marathonisi Island since you can capture clearer its turtle-like shape. Best time take a shot: Sunrise and daytime. GPS co-ordinates: Latitude 37.683146 – Longitude 20.835939 Marathonisi in the morning as it looks from the lake of Keri. Giorgos Aggelos Georgiadis   2)      Keri – The lighthouse The location of the lighthouse will impress you more than the lighthouse itself. Here you can enjoy one of the best sunset views on Zakynthos. Best time take a shot: Sunset GPS co-ordinates: Latitude 37.654352 – Longitude 20.806574  Sunset from the lighthouse at Keri. Photo by Natassa Klavdianou   3)      Navagio (Shipwreck) One of the most photographed beaches in Greece, a photo of Navagio is definitely one that you must take back home with you. Best time take a shot: Daytime GPS co-ordinates: Latitude 37.861453 – Longitude 20.626051 Navagio (Shipwreck). Photo by Giorgos Aggelos Georgiadis   4)      Korakonisi Korakonisi is a little island just off the west coast of Zakynthos. It is not very famous among tourists but it is certainly a great place to take a photo. Best time take a shot: Daytime GPS co-ordinates: Latitude 37.717704 – Longitude 20.729015  Korakonisi Island – Photo by Giorgos Aggelos Georgiadis   5)      Agios Sostis Agios Sostis is located right next to Laganas and it is famous because of the small island of Cameo. Best time take a shot: Daytime GPS co-ordinates: Latitude 37.714930 – Longitude 20.864063 The Cameo Island in Agios Sostis. Photo by Theotokis Flemotomos   6)      Bohali Bohali is located on a hill just above the city of Zakynthos. It offers an amazing view and is ideal to take a panoramic photo. Best time take a shot: Anytime GPS co-ordinates: Latitude 37.790338 – Longitude 20.894335 Zakynthos city by night – Photo was taken from Bohali by Natassa Klavdianou   7)      Skopos Skopos is the second highest mountain of Zakynthos. From its top you will be able to take amazing shots of the island. Best time take a shot: Daytime GPS co-ordinates: Latitude 37.743699 – Longitude 20.933387  A photo of the bay of Laganas taken from Mount Skopos by Natassa Klavdianou We would like to thank the following photographers (in alphabetical order) for their help and their permission to use their photos. Without them this post wouldn’t be possible. Theotokis Flemotomos, Aggelos Giorgos Georgiadis, Natassa Klavdianou. All the places presented are accessible by car or motorbike. You may use the GPS co-ordinates provided to locate them on your GPS, phone or tablet. Spyros Flampouras from ZanteHotels4U www.zantehotels4u.com www.facebook.com/zakynthostravelguide www.twitter.com/zantehotels4u