Greece is Blessed Over with Landmarks

  Greece is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The country is believed to be filled with landmarks everywhere. A travel lover is never going to get disappointed when he plans a trip to Greece.

The ancient history of Greece has filled the country with plenty of landmarks and some of them, the best and prominent ones are mentioned below.

The Acropolis : The Acropolis of Athens is believed to be the pinnacle of sanctity in Greece. The stony promontory overlooks Athens and it represents itself as a tribute to the Greek Civilization and Architecture. It is believed that the first structures of Acropolis were built in the 5th century. Albeit there are innumerable buildings and monuments in Acropolis, Parthenon marks to be the most impressive temple, which is built in memory of Greek Goddess, Athena. Visitors should never miss this temple and the Acropolis Museum which portraits the sculptural decoration and a video demonstration of Parthenon.

Rhodes : Another landmark of Greece is certainly Rhodes, the capital city of Dodecanese. Visitors can see a reflection of developing medieval city here in Rhodes. The Palace of the Grand Master marks the famous landmark of Rhodes and at present this is a museum. Earlier the Palace was a Byzantine fortress, and later it was transformed to a residence by Knights of the Order of Saint John and now turned to a museum. Other landmarks in Rhodes include Church of Our Lady of the Castle, Orthodox Cathedral of Rhodes and Hospital of the Knights.

OlympiaOlympia is one of the most renowned athletic and religious centers. The archeological view of Olympia endures to be the most reputed landmark mainly because of the first Olympic Games held in 776 B.C. Olympia is believed to be the sanctuary to Zeus, the father of the Greek Gods and Goddesses. The site is abundant with sanctuaries, monuments, temples and treasuries. The remnants of the Temple Zeus and Temple of Hera can be seen here. The intricate Doric structure of Olympia has been an influence for many architectural constructions and visitors do not miss the spectacular Archaeological Museum of Olympia.

Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus  : This is an ancient theatre taken into consideration by the UNESCO and remarked by the same as “one of the purest masterpieces of Greek architecture”. The perfect proportion and the extraordinary acoustics in the theatre enable you to hear even a miniscule unit of sound. The theatre is incredibly known for the sound balance and it’s still used for performances. Apart from the theatrical aspect, the place is also known as a medicinal and healing sanctuary in olden times. It was believed that patients who napped in the enkomitria (Sleeping Halls) were visited by the God of Medicine, Asklepios, in their dreams and would give them appropriate instruction on their treatment. Visitors are well aware of this theatre and they never miss to visit here.

Delos : Believed to be the birth place of the deities Apollo and Artemis, Delos is a tiny Greek Island, an archeological site that still undergoes incessant excavations. Delos represents itself as a substantial religious site, which has lured every visitor’s eyes. The serene atmosphere of the temples and exquisite mosaics attracts tons and millions of travellers here. Some of the famous landmarks on Delos are Sanctuary of Apollo, Terrace of the Lions (The marble lionstatues dedicated to Apollo), and countless Agoras. These are some of the top landmarks of Greece. If ever you get a chance to visit Greek, do not ever miss the chance of visiting the above ones.

Article by Manton Angus

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