A modern wedding in the most breathtaking location in Sifnos

Can you imagine being this bride and walking towards your future husband and following the narrow cobble stone road… the only path that can lead you to one of the most stunning Greek island churches? What an amazing and once in a lifetime feeling…

  The modern and stylish wedding took place in the Church of the Seven Martyrs in Kastros, a small island village where no cars are permitted within the center. The picturesque church with the traditional aesthetic from the Cyclades islands, was built on a mountainous hill. The view from the church is intense…however after a while when you get used to it, serenity overwhelms you. This church is actually one of the most photographed churches of Sifnos.

A perfect wedding ceremony location with an utterly fascinating backdrop. Ideal and certainly a dream come true for a couple that is truly and deeply in love.

The location of this Greek island church is the most appealing: at a first glance it seems as if the church was built “in the sea”. Majestic and mysterious, surrounded by the deep blue Aegean waters.

  One of the many reasons a couple may choose Sifnos as their wedding destination is the fact that the wedding can be themed as a holiday vacation for all friends and family and the perfect opportunity to create priceless memories for all.

  The characteristic Cycladic architecture is undoubtedly very impressive with the white washed walls and the round blue dome. The island of Sifnos actually has the highest number of churches compared to its size and it has been said that “Sifnos has about 365 churches… one for every single day of the year”.

Sifnos maintains the traditional architecture of the Cycladian islands. The beauty of the island is mesmerizing. The white houses, the windmills, the stone graveled roads, the traditional villages and the exotic beaches all together create the perfect wedding destination.

Article by Eleni Balkouli Love4Wed

Photography by Yiannis Alefantou Wedding
Dress by Myrto Dramountani