Cultivate your mind in Greece

Holidays can be about more than just relaxation.
Travel itself leads to open mindedness, if we go to new and challenging places. 

  However holidays can be the perfect opportunity to learn something new and to cultivate the mind. Every new skill enriches us and makes our lives more enjoyable. Whether it is art, new languages, writing or the skill of thinking and reasoning, each brings a new dimension to our personalities, allows us to get to know ourselves better and ignites our passions.

Let’s look at just a few possibilities in Greece:

Sculpting & painting : Greece has a long sculpting tradition and its heritage has had a profound effect throughout the ages. Even Michelangelo is said to have been inspired by its styles! You don’t have to be a sculptor or even an artist. Maybe you enjoyed art at school but are now definitely rusty? Consider taking a holiday combined with a few sculpting or painting lessons this summer.

Philosophy : Everybody knows the names of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Sappho. Not to mention Zorba the Greek and Kazantzakis. But what did all these philosophers actually say? Why are they so famous? What happens when you visit Greece and follow the basic steps of her philosophers? Ruins with boring stones, turn into fascinating, intelligent and romantic scenery. It’s possible to relax and strengthen your mind at the same time!

Writing : Writing retreats in Greece are perfect for writers, thinkers and the dilettanti. With beautiful surroundings inspiration often comes and if it does not you can always invoke the Greek Muses or simply invite them to write ‘through’ you!

Text provided by Combadi, we help you find innovative travel ideas to learn, grow and change.