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Traveling the Aegean

  Travel the Aegean with advice from Greek philosophers authors and poets : Over the millennia, pottery, precious metals and goods were all exchanged between the Greek mainland, the Cycladic islands, Crete, as well as Egypt, Northern Europe and Asia Minor. Each Greek harbor you visit has been a hub for countless generations of seafarers who, during their travels, exchanged not only their merchandise, but their culture and identity.

  So while you can travel anywhere in the world, if you want to feel part of its cultural lineage, you must travel the Aegean. Sailing, swimming or island hopping, you should aspire to become part of the sea-inspired culture that traces its roots back to the Helladic civilizations - a culture whose combined processes laid the foundation for modern western thought.

  Sounds difficult? It's not – because all you'll just need is some quick and simple Greek travel tips - and we're more than happy to give them to you:
  Only the trip matters : Take the time to truly experience your adventure, as the Greek poet C.P. Cavafy urges you in his most famous poem, Ithaca. Keep a rare excitement stirring in your soul and body - revel in those moments when you first see each new harbor. You won't be discouraged if your destination leaves you lacking - the trip itself will have made up for that.

  Rely on your wits - and less on your strength : 
During Homer's epic island-hopping poem "The Odyssey," Odysseus often finds that he's no match for the ordeals he is called to face. Every time, it's prudent decisions, and not brute strength, which sway the odds in his favor - and that's a Greek life lesson every traveler can relate to.

  Question yourself and learn about others - and vice versa : Look to interact with locals, and gain greater insight into your destination. Comparing and contrasting cultures is the best way for you to examine your own. Follow in Socrates' footsteps and test your own beliefs with the newfound knowledge you acquire on your way. Seek out both traditional and modern Greece The renowned Greek author and philosopher Nikos Kazantzakis loved to travel. Though more widely known for his important literary works, he also wrote several travel books, including one about Greece titled "Journey to the Morea." Seek out Greece the same way he did -in the local folk music and art, customs and traditions, the authentic people, but also within Greece's western cosmopolitanism.

Have a great time exploring the Aegean!

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