An exploration of Athens through the senses

  Athens is a magical place full of contrasts waiting for you to discover! You probably already know that the most important site of Greece, the Parthenon, is located in its capital, Athens. You might not know though that Athens city centre is one of the best places to tantalise your taste buds and learn all about the Mediterranean diet as well as being a heaven for shopaholics.

  Greece is known for its delectable healthy cuisine. Everyday, a part of its produce finds its way to the central Athenian shops and food markets in a raw or preserved form, contributing to an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colours, tastes and aromas. On the other hand in the numerous small shops situated in the central streets of the city, you can find anything you wish for! From elegant boutiques and fashion shops, to spices, glassware and stationery as well as antiques, artefacts and any tool a handyman could desire. 

  The common characteristic shared by these manifold shops is its people. The shop owners are the ones that constitute the blood stream and heart beat of this city, radiating their love and knowledge for their town. Even though they may not speak the same language as you do, you can always communicate perfectly. Their jobs have helped them become masters of communication. They are talented at encouraging you to challenge yourself and try out new things you have never seen, offering you the opportunity to lose yourself in an endless state of excitement and pleasure.

  Shopping in Athens is truly an unforgettable experience. It is a magical trip throughout time and into a world of tantalizing smells, vibrant colours and wonderful people. If you want to entice your senses in this fascinating city in the company of young and knowledgeable people who love sharing the best of their country with visitors, then all you have to do is to visit Athens and request a personalised, out of the ordinary travel programme.

Text provided by Athens Insiders