My experience in Greece

  When I entered in Athens on a sunset, after a long trip, I felt like I’m stuck between the chaos and the beauty.  In the same time I felt the warmth of a southern metropolis. A big welcoming drink for that night: greek wine in the Acropolis museum bar with the most spectacular view on the Parthenon - I definitely got the connected with the ancient city.

Next day, early in the morning: Port and ferry to the center of the Cyclades: the excitement grows.

And I’ve finally reached Tinos!

  The reason of my travel to Greece was my photography exhibition in Agapi, at the Photography museum, which was part of the Tinos Festival. Besides the excellent experience with the organization and the visitors who came, I was especially happy that I got some extra time to explore the area.

  Tinos is a truly amazing and enchating island. What really impressed me was the feeling of a total tranquility in the villages deep in the island, breath-taking  views of landscape and beautiful beaches in the coastal part of it.


  Besides the typical greek white architecture special for
Tinos are the artistic dovecots houses and churches, from which the most famous is Panagia Evangelistira, located in the Town of Tinos.

  Since I am curious, for me and my photo-camera there was no possibility or chance not to visit the next close island- when it is nothing short of magnificent Mykonos. What I saw there first was an incredible turquoise clear sea water. 

  Besides the sea, magic can be found on every corner in the Mykonos town. The narrow streets are full of shops, tavernas, cafes and greek art galleries. Vivid and alive it makes your heart filled with joy because you are there; on a very special place. 

  At the end, and for sure the most interesting and special thing for every traveler: The windmills of Mykonos. Yes the wind is blowing, but I don’t mind it; because the windmills of Mykonos are the windmills of my mind. The summer is gone now , and I’m still:

Sanja Buterin