Why You Should Visit Greece

  I am no expert of Greece. I have been there only twice but luckily I was able to explore this beautiful country in depth thanks to the Greek boyfriend who was gracious enough and agreed to be my personal tour guide/driver. Having him with me during both travels made it really easy to fall in love with the country but I think even if I was to explore the country myself it would've still left me in awe.

  The first time I went there was in 2011 at the height of the economic crisis and at the time, the riots in Athens. However, when we arrived in August of 2011 I have not seen nor felt the crisis. Tourists flocked the Acropolis and we can't even find ourselves a table in Thisseo for dinner. It was THAT packed and I was glad that I didn't let the media affect my decision of traveling to Greece during that time or else I would've missed the opportunity of crossing it out from my bucket list.

  So why should you visit Greece now? I have my own reasons.

  • Because they've got a very rich history, culture and loads of UNESCO World Heritage Sites
I believe that history and culture always go together. A culture roots down from the history of a particular place and with Greece's history dating as far back as 3000 years ago, I think anyone will agree with me that they've got a very rich one. At the moment, they have 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well - 3 of them I've seen and visited. I'm not so sure about you but I have this fascination of seeing UNESCO sites and I'm planning to see as much as I possibly can.

  • Because they've got a fantastic weather
After having spent almost two weeks in Greek beaches, I am now sporting a red-ish, gold-ish tan which I really do love. The country receives a lot of sunshine which is basically what they are famous for. The best time to go is between May to September which is almost half of the year. Because their cuisine is one of the best! I always make it a point to eat a Greek local dish in every meal, apart from the seafood. Pastitsio and gemista are two of my favorites followed closely by pastitsiada of Corfu. For seafood, I love them all but if I am to choose a favorite it'll be htapodi xythato (octopus marinated in vinegar). I must mention too that I have tasted the best grilled pork steak in Meteora. Obviously, a trip to Greece will cost you to gain a few pounds but who cares??? You're on holiday!

  • Because it's a colorful country
Does the combination of blue and white remind you of Greece? It does for me but after this recent trip, I realized that there are some other colors splashed to this amazing country that will probably make all the painters, artists and photographers go crazy about.

  • Because the Greek hospitality is not only a cliche made popular by Hollywood
During this recent trip, I have had a great opportunity to meet the boyfriend's family and it was awesome - probably the highlight of the trip for me. The warmth, love and genuine hospitality can be felt as soon as I walked in their house - it was a very amazing experience. Because it is accessible They've got it all covered for you to be able to explore the country in depth - by land, air and sea. We've taken a cruise from Lefkada to visit some other nearby Ionian islands for a day. The only regret I have was that the itinerary for the cruise doesn't include a longer stay in each of the islands.

  • Because most of the Greeks speak English
I have never had a hard time communicating with the Greeks. They are very accommodating to tourists and will have a good command of the English language. It wouldn't hurt though to greet them in their own language just to show your respect towards them as well.

  • Because it's safe
Of course I have the boyfriend with me whenever I walk through the streets of Greece late at night but even then, I have never felt threatened.

  • Because it has a very diverse nature
On our drive from Lefkada to Igoumenitsa, I have seen a lot of different sceneries - rolling hills, mountains, rocky walls, lakes and the sea. It has all kinds of things to offer for just about anyone. This applies to the beaches that they have too. There are rocky beaches, sandy beaches, pebbled beaches, beaches hidden inside a cave or beaches which can only be accessed by the 300 steep steps. It's amazing!

  • Because it's in your bucket list
Admit it, who doesn't want to go to Greece? At some point, everyone might have probably dreamed of seeing the Acropolis or the whites and blues of Santorini and Mykonos. Well this I tell you, whatever your reason is for traveling - I'm sure Greece has it for you. :)

Text provided by: Pinay Flying High