Christmas in Greece: top 4 destinations

  Greece may be best known for its Easter holidays with the spring flowers and red eggs rather than its Christmas tradition, but it sure has to offer an unforgettable experience for everyone visiting the country during the 14 official holidays setting really off on December 24 to January 6.

  This year, we chose 4 must-visit destinations. Most Greek towns are being decorated with Christmas lights and trees, stores are all decorated with Christmas ornaments and the streets are full of people doing the last minute shopping of presents amidst carols and bands playing in a festive mood. In most major towns, you will find concerts, theatrical performances and other cultural events that guarantee a wonderful time with plenty of things to do.

Athens :
Syntagma Square , the National Garden and squares of Athens, are just some of the places where we get to celebrate Christmas and New Year . Syntagma Square is the core of the Christmas scene in the city with an impressive festive image. The whole town is decorated and invites residents and visitors to join a unique celebration. Syntagma Square , the National Park and squares of Athens, are just some of the places where we can enjoy your Christmas holidays.

In Thessaloniki, the first snow flakes start falling since late November . The atmosphere is festive , the shelves of department stores are filled with games and Santa Claus is everywhere. At the same time , having an atmospheric walk in Old Castles and Ladadika, will make your trip to Thessaloniki unforgettable.

Even at Christmas , nothing seems incongruous in this city : Visitors stroll among Venetian mansions with latticed windows or under the shadow of the minaret of Ahmet Aga . Lose yourself in the neighborhood of Chalepa, among old European mansions with large gardens and swaying palm robust . Among other things , you will have the chance to visit the old French School, the ancestral home of Eleftherios Venizelos and the Russian style church of St .Dimitra.

Ioannina : 
The city of Ioannina, focusing on beautiful Lake Pamvotida, can provide you plenty of harmonious activities during your visit. The famous villages of Zagoroxoria and Metsovo are the areas that attract the interest of most of the visitors. In the city of Ioannina, you will be able to find plenty of amenities, such as taverns near the lake, restaurants, grills , cafes , bars and clubs , cinemas and theater, romantic walks on the lake, around the castle , under the trees.

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