Five (more) reasons Santorini is the Island to visit this summer

  So, each one of the many Greek Islands boasts a whole host of fascinating features and unique highlights just begging for a visit. Definitely, there’s no way you’re going to get to see them all, experience them all, in a single holiday. So, choosing a single holiday destination is like a child going to a candy store and being told they can try only one.

  So, what do you do? Let us make this a little easier for you: here are 5 reasons Santorini is the island for you.

  The restaurants : Santorini’s cuisine is perhaps one of the more unique of the flavours in the Greek Isles, thanks to a long and celebrated gastronomical genealogy, but what sets Santorini’s restaurants so far above the rest (quite literally) is their settings. Perched hundreds of meters above the Aegean and the Caldera, restaurants like Feredini in Oia, Skaros in Imerovigli, or Sphinx in Fira, bring gourmet dining to a whole new height.

  The wine : Santorini is not often thought of for its vineyards. But it should be. Vineyards and wine producers such as Estate Argyros, Canava Roussos (Mesa Gonia), Gavalas Winery (Megalochori), benefit from the unique soil and climate to create a fantastic set of wines you won’t find anywhere else. Check out the Koutsoyannapoulos Museum to sip the history of some these one-of-a-kind wines, including Assyrtiko, Vinsanto, and Nykteri.

  The stays : Benefitting from the same breathtaking clifftop views as the restaurants, the luxury hotels on Santorini are meters (hundreds of meters, to be more precise) above the pack. From the traditional-inspired design of the Canaves Oia Hotel, to the luxurious spa of the Vedema Resort, to the awe-inspiring elegance of Mystique, holidaying on Santorini is staying amongst the clouds.

  The exploring : Exploring Santorini is always rewarding. There are historical sites at every turn, natural splendours everywhere you look. Try a short hike to really take in the stunning scenery—the walk from Fira to Oia is particularly special, with constant Aegean views and many historic and cultural landmarks. There’s also the neighbouring island of Thirasia for a panoram back across the Caldera, or you can hike the extinct volcano itself and discover the hidden hot-springs.

  The sea : From almost everywhere on the island, the sea dominates the view. Deep azure just begging to be swum. The multicoloured beaches include the black sand Perivolos, Perissa, and Agios Georgios, great for the family or just soaking up the sun and the sea, and the secluded Red Beach, White Beach, or the Monoliths, stunning places to escape the crowds. Or, if you really want to get out on the water, there are plenty of yacht day-trips and rentals that will show you a whole new side of the islands, letting your experience the best of the Aegean sea.

Now, pop on your sunscreen and grab your passport: Santorini is waiting for you. 

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Text by: Patrick James Errington, and Premium Europe