Historical, Religious & Medieval Exploration of Western Peloponnese

  Discovering Greece’s medieval & historic heritage through its castles has been unexplored till now. Opening their gates and learning their history has become finally possible. 

  Combadi (http://combadi.com/), a young Greek company showcasing the most unique travel experiences around the world is collaborating with the Association of Greek Cities with Medieval Castles to bring you closer to the Greek castles and their secrets. The goal of this partnership is to create experiences around the best preserved and historic Greek castles. There are 600 recorded castles, forts and towers in Greece and bringing them to the world is the vision of this passionate team. 

  Creating a community of the ‘Friends of the Greek Castles’ is an initiative aiming to bring together people that want to explore the Greek castles, be informed of upcoming events, get priority status in these events and share with us and the rest of us their love for Greece’s & Europe’s medieval heritage. To become a ‘Friend of the Greek Castles’, sign up here. Our first event is the inaugural journey through the Castles of Western Peloponnese, created by a team of specialists whose love for medieval history & the preservations of the greek castle heritage drives them. 7 days taking you through history with a team of specialist guides that will uncover all the myths, history and legends of these century old monuments.

  This trip will take place in May 2014 in the Peloponnese with the support of the local communities and the Greek Ministry of Tourism whose goal is to capitalize on the Greek medieval history & castle heritage. A few surprises await you along the way with one of them being; you 'll be served a medieval banquet in the Methoni castle trench. The cities of Kalamata, Methoni, Koroni & Patras are just a few of the stops along the way where not only you will get to meet the locals & the famous greek hospitality but find out how these towns have developed from Venetian & Byzantine castle strongholds to the towns we see now.

For more, have a look at the trip details: http://combadi.com/358-castles-greece-history.html
A trip in the heart of the Mythical Peloponnese, a region of Greece with a long history & a vibrant present. To become a ‘Friend of the Greek Castles’, sign up here.