Art in Naxos

  Naxos, the largest island of the Cyclades, is famous for its spectacular beaches, the unique natural scenery and the picturesque villages imprinted on them the long history of the island. The multifaceted cultural influence over the centuries resulted in flourishing of the arts on the island since the early habitation. The archaeological findings testify the involvement of residents with ceramics. Weaving is another branch of the traditional art of Naxos. The cooperatives that have been founded on the island expose the impressive hand-woven made by the residents. In recent years it has been developed further handmade craft to the island that includes impressive jewelry.

  The family owned Melissinos jewelry store is the oldest (since 1978) in Naxos and famous for its high quality of jewelry. The handcrafted jewelry are either made with semi-precious stones from all around the world, or with gold or silver and reveal the art possessed by the Melissinos family! Each customer can choose between ready-made jewelry but also create his own personal ornaments upon request! Of course they also exhibit a wide range of other jewelry and watches.

You will find the two stores of Melissinos on the road of the old post office
Contact: (+30) 22850 26613, Email: smelisin@otenet.gr

  The Pagonis family specializes in handmade leather goods in Naxos. Since 1940 they use techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation. The handmade leather sandals are beautiful, comfortable, elegant and 100% Greek. Besides sandals, they also produce leather handbags, wallets and belts. What makes Pagonis differ is the custom manufacturing of leather sandals on request, choosing color, design and decoration. Their goal over the years is to treat customers with special care and provide them with the best service.

Contact: (+30) 22850 24501, Web: http://www.greek-sandals.com

  The potter and jewelry designer Katharina Bolesch and craftsman Alexander Reichardt live and work in the village of Chalki, where the workshop, the gallery and the shop L'Olivier operate under the international name Fish & Olive. The olives and fishes, symbols not only of Naxos but of the entire Mediterranean, inspire their work, has gained worldwide recognition. The unique quality of Katharina’s pottery is the result of skill, attention and patience. Alexander, partner and husband of Katharina, uses his knowledge as a diver and experience as an artist, to create his own jewelry. He also creates fabrics, marble and wood with the pattern of the fish. In both their work, the creative influences of the Cyclades and Chalki has resulted in the amalgamation of ancient themes and symbols of the Mediterranean with the modern styles of pottery and jewelry.

Contact: (+30) 22850 32829, Web: http://www.fish-olive-creations.com

  Butterfly is also located in Naxos Town. The exhibition includes handmade jewelry with silver and gold, watches and various accessories. The most impressive collection is the jewelry line with the famous "Eye of Naxos". A unique jewel of nature, derived from a shell. Skillfully crafted like a little treasure that is found only on the island and which adorns rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. It is said to bring good luck to its owner!

Contact: (+30) 22850 26224, Email: moustakis_butterfly@hotmail.com

  Completing our tour of the local art of Naxos, we could not be forgetting the visual arts. The famous Petalouda Art Gallery was created in 1998 by Guy Pouzol and is located within the walls of the Castle of Chora. The gallery specializes in promoting modern art, exposing stunning works of contemporary painters, sculptures (bronze, metal, clay, etc.) and photographers. The gallery has established itself as one of the most interesting places for art lovers. A true reflection of the rich artistic heritage of the island of Naxos.

Contact: (+30) 695 0427064, Web: http://www.petalouda-art.com

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