Summer vacations with cultural identity to Athos and Aristoteles region

  Unique cultural experiences and thrills offered to thousands of visitors by the revival of “Aristoteleia”, held at the place which gave birth to the teacher of Alexander the Great!  It is about a series of thirty (30) top cultural events, with a reference point to “culture & people”, which will take place on the third peninsula of Halkidiki during the summer, in the framework of reviving the most important cultural institution of Greek history.

  Indeed, “Aristoteleia” of Greek antiquity become inspiration for people with the maximum moral gravity, the people who viewed Greece through time, as the brightest cultural and spiritual center of the history. The Greek culture diffused various forms of expression in the world, so that the “name of the Greeks seemed to feature not only the descent, but the way of thinking too, so as to call Greeks all who participated in the Greek education...”. Under this background, the people of Aristoteles Municipality organise every year this of great importance activity, a cultural dialogue in the frames of the Greek antiquity, which was and continues to be a bridge of peace and of reconciliation, such as the vision which caused people to strive for virtue.

  “Aristoteleia” of Aristoteles Municipality have already a rich “curriculum”. Only the last two years count more than one hundred (100) cultural events of high quality and standards, when in the same time from the ancient sites and the historical points- where the events took place- were presented more than 80 artists and groups. Thousands were the residents and the visitors who attended their activities, the same time- which as an institution- presented the four unique points of the destination: Mount Athos, Ancient Stageira, the canal of Xerxes, the famous Mademochoria of the Ottoman period!

  This year, summer “Aristoteleia” is expecting for you too. Check out the program of the summer activities here, which starts on 21st of June and ends on 21st of August, the last full moon of the summer!

More information you may find on : http://www.aristoteleia.gr