Skiathos: Top 5 Beaches

  Skiathos is the westernmost island of the Sporades. The enchanting landscapes combined with excellent tourist infrastructure and local tradition have promoted the island as a famous tourist destination.

Great advantage of the island is the large number of beaches where the pines reach the shore.

1)  Koukounaries (also known as Chrisi Ammos) : is located at the southwest and it is the most famous beach of the island and beyond. Occasionally, the site has been identified in lists of the best beaches of the world! The landscape is characterized by fine sand, the beautiful pine forest that is almost bordering to the coast and the impressive wetland Strofilia at the back side of the forest.

2)  Castle : is situated on the north side of the island. Access by car is quite difficult as it requires driving through bumpy dirt road and walk for the last 2 kilometers. Instead, access by sea is quite easy. Whichever way you choose you will be rewarded by the breathtaking view that is characterized by the imposing castle over the beach and the crystal clear waters.

3)  Xanemos : is consisted of three successive beaches located at the eastern part of the island, near the airport. Striking features of Xanemos is the panoramic view of the neighboring island of Skopelos and the prehistoric archaeological finds that decorate the space. Access to the beach is quite easy.

4)  Tsougrias : is a lush desert island located 2 miles south of the port of Skiathos. Take the boat trips that are arranged everyday and enjoy the turquoise waters and stunning pine forest with the picturesque chapel.

5)  Lalaria : is located in the northeastern part of the island. The landscape is characterized by cliffs that surround the famous ''lalaria'' (white pebbles). The towering rock at the east, is marching to the sea and forms an impressive arched sea inlet in the middle. Access is quite difficult and laborious. Equally, there is no tourist infrastructure available.