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How To Discover Chania After Arriving At Chania Airport

  Chania, located on the northern coast of west Crete, is the second largest city in the Island of Crete. Its location provides a perfect Mediterranean climatic condition making it an ideal tourist spot. Chania is known for the golden sandy beaches, shopping markets, museums, beautiful monasteries and churches. It is a city with rich culture and historical background, a place worth visiting by tourist around the world. In order to discover this wonderful place, one needs to make a proper itinerary and take guidance from the tourism companies.
Best sightseeing places in Chania : 

* Beaches: Many wet sandy beaches and bays in Chania are sure to take your breath away. Some famous beaches in Chania include the Elafonisi (small islet that can be reached by boat), Balos, Falassarna, Platanias, Drapanias (the pebble beach) and the Agioi Apostoloi.

 * Churches, chapels and monasteries:  There are around 300 churches in Crete of which many churches and monasteries of historic significance in Chania. The must visit places include the Cathedral church, Agioi Anargyroi church, the monastery of Saint John the Hermit of the stranger, Chryssopigi, Tsagarolon and some other famous monasteries and churches.

* Museums: The museums of Chania are known all over the world. The archaeological museum (has a collection of weapons, vessels, potteries, etc. from the Neolithic and Minoan periods), Typography museum, Nautical museum and many more are located in the heart of the city.

* Villages:  Many villages have retained the rich culture and heritage of Greece. They conduct many cultural events that consist of exhibitions, concerts and contemporary plays that attract a great deal of tourism to the Crete every year.

  In order to discover the beaches in Chania one can hire a ferry boat that will cover the most famous beaches in the vicinity. One can hire a car or a van to travel across Chania with utmost comfort and without being dependent on other modes of public transport. Many car rental companies in Chania offer this economic and cozy mode of transportation with commendable service all over the Cretan island. You can drive these cars on your own or hire a drive who can guide you to some of the best places in Chania that are worth visiting.

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