Naxos: Top 5 beaches

  Naxos is one of the largest and most beautiful islands of the Cyclades archipelago. As a typical Cycladic island, Naxos is characterized by absence of vegetation, impressive geological formations, picturesque villages and beautiful beaches. The large variety of Naxos beaches is expected to satisfy every visitor. Access to the island is possible by air or by the sea through Hellenic Seaways.

1)  Agios Prokopios : is located at the western part of the island, just 5 km south of Chora. It is the most famous beach on the island. It has been honored as one of the best beaches of Europe. This 1.2 km long sandy beach is stretching from East to West. The southern exposure of the coast protects visitors from the north winds which makes it ideal for children. North of the beach are developed impressive Salinas. The homonymous chapel stands at the westernmost point of the beach. 

2)  Agia Anna : The beach of Agia Anna is essentially a continuation of Agios Prokopios in the southwest. Agia Anna is easily accessible , just 7 km away from Chora. The sandy beach of Agia Anna is well organized featuring sun beds, umbrellas, restaurants and beach bars. Agia Anna is awarded with a Blue Flag.

3)  Plaka : is located at the southwestern coast of Naxos, just 8 km south of Chora. The southwestern aspect of the coast protects swimmers from the winds of the Aegean Sea. The sandy beach of Plaka is the longest beach on the island. A large part of the beach is organized with sun beds and umbrellas. The impressive sand dunes that grow along the beach are ideal for children to play. The last section of the beach attracts naturists.

4)  Amitis : The sandy beach of Amitis is situated in the northwestern part of the island in a short distance from the village of Eggares. The expose to the north winds makes the beach ideal for extreme sea sport that include wind surfing and kite surfing. The impressive and wild beach of Amitis is not suitable for novice swimmers due to its strong currents. 

5)  Parthena and Mikri Vigla : Parthena and Mikri Vigla in fact constitute a single beach, which is divided in two by a rock. The beach is located 16 kilometers southwest of Chora. Parthena is a renowned destination for lovers of kite surfing and wind surfing. On the other hand, the endless sandy beach of Mikri Vigla with calm and shallow waters is suitable for families.

More information about the island of Naxos you will find at www.naxos-tours.gr/en/