Live your myth in Greece-As you set out for Ithaka

view from high of an island small port

I remember from my early years I used to read a lot of Greek mythology, especially Iliad and Odyssey by Homer. The latter one still pulls me together like a flame that never goes out, poem of Kavafy also contributed to that. Thus was born my dream to visit the Ionian island to experience the world of Greek heros. Some years passed from the age of eight when I just played Odysseus to the age of 23 when I was walking on the ground he trod on, but eventually life will take you where it's supposed to be. So it happened, I got gathered with my friends somehow karmically we ended up in Kefalonia. I totally forgot to mention that I am from Crete, so Greek crystal waters isn’t something that surprises me cause I was born with this scenery. And yet the islands of the Ionian Sea enchanted me, and I was enchanted because I could not resist being there, near the land of Calypso, and not visiting the homeland of Odysseus.

So we searched the tourist guides, we talked to some agencies and a few more locals and ended up at VIP cruises Kefalonia to book our long-awaited cruise. Sotiris, the captain of the boat, contacted us in order to explain our options. He made us a reservation for the 29th of July, the weather was very good with no wind therefore we started. The starting point of our trip was Sami, although the base of the VIP Cruises is in Poros they came and took us away. Swimming was very important to us, as we live in London, so we had informed the crew to organise a suitable route. The swimming stops were four: Sarakiniko, Filiatra, Goat and Marmakas bay.

All the beaches were amazing but my favourite was the Goat, as you can see some of my photos below. Our trip continued to Kioni and Vathi, there we had the opportunity to visit the places that Homer mentioned in his epics. Specifically we stopped at afales from there a bus came and took us to the palace of Ulysses and the famous school of homer. A guide explained every single detail of the monuments to us throughout the tour, making the sights even more vivid. I was enchanted, I couldn't believe that my dream was coming true, I was watching Odysseus come to life through the memories of my childhood readings and the tour guide's reports. George, one of the owners of VIP cruises Kefalonia accompanied us throughout the trip adding his own memories of the years he spent sailing in the bays of Ithaca and walking in the scenic streets of Kioni.

The time to return came so we entered Queen D to set sail for Poros harbour. They offered us a bottle of water, some fruits and local wine. Sotiris urged us to take our drinks to the bow, there were some sunbeds, I fell asleep without even realizing it. When I wake up we were back to the harbour, a car was there for us to continue our trip in Kefalonia. It was an unforgettable experience that I will always remember when I think of my happiest moments.

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photo taken from a sailing boat with view of island settlement

hand holding a platter of fresh cut fruits with turquoise blue sea and rocks in the background

photo taken from a sailing boat with view of island settlement