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Ζorba the Greek project - The Village

Zorba the Greek, the heroe of author Kazantzakis “lives” in Eastern Halkidiki!

Paleochori, his village - in the heart of the mountain!

“Just follow the routes in the Kakavos forest, full of oaks and beech trees, and imagine Zorba the Greek, whispering you”. This is what Giorgos (a local adventurer) urges to everybody: he has always been inspired by the experience of living in Paleochori, the same village that Alexis Zorbas (Zorba the Greek) used to live in the first decades of the 20th century.

Paleochori is a destination, where nature and modern history remain the guiding force, still teaching values. This village of rich or traditional houses, all belong to the miners, seems to have been located there, declaring its strange identity. Stone built or white houses, large balconies and yards, with many rooms and fireplaces are decorated with mines collections.

Nature truly dominates. It calms you. Fog comes in the morning and crowns the surrounding hills. Sometimes it merges with the clouds. Trees in their movement are like giants, that cover the whole earth under their shadow. As leaves are falling down, they create a wet carpet on the earth. Under it the soil becomes fertile. Mushrooms and herbs can be found everywhere.

A small river in the mountain. Crystal clear water. Giorgos, the adventurer, drinks it.

Locals live in authenticity and breathe with the environment. They plant cabbages and potatoes. They ride horses, enjoying the wisdom of each other. They spend time, going to the kafenio (traditional café). They go to the forest as friends. Those who encounter wild pigs do not tremble in fright. They respect animals. Giorgos calls you to follow him. He follows the Zorba the Greek routes in the forest.

Hospitality here is like breathing. Giorgos is treating pork chops and strong homemade tsipouro. This is a spontaneous way of saying kalimera (good morning).

It’s the real / authentic / same destination, where Zorba the Greek spent 22 years of his life, working as a miner. This is the place in which this typically Greek temperament was nurtured! It is Paleochori, which is introduced to the public and invites you to visit and follow the rules of life and the footsteps of Zorba the Greek.

Giorgos and the locals are waiting for you!