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With Love, From Greece

Cloe ceramic cup Candles white and black design

Nine Greek brands offer visitors a captivating exploration of every conceivable and unexpected facet of our country. The motivation behind them lies in the minds of their creators.

My Greek Games
Games inspired by ancient gods for modern heroes

Colourful Sneaker shoes by My Greek Games company

Colourful Sneaker shoes by My Greek Games company

We, Efi Karagouni and Christos Papachristou, share an immense passion and deep reverence for the arts, museums, the history of our country, and for children and their education. Inspired by these values, we have created My Greek Games, our brainchild. Our mission is to revolutionise the field of traditional games and their design. Our company is dedicated to toys and objects centred around the captivating themes of ancient Greek mythology and history. Joy, imagination, creativity, modern aesthetics, and a love for learning through play, are fundamental in defining us. In our brief journey thus far, we have been honoured to receive awards from Ermis, EBGE, and Toys for our exceptional product design and innovative approach to playtime. Explore our unparalleled collection of products and embark on a journey to a world that, despite its ancient origins, exudes a strikingly modern allure. My Greek Games is "Inspired by ancient gods, played by modern heroes."

Amalthea Athens
Unique Handmade Bags

White handbag by Amalthea

White handbag by Amalthea

I am Elli Sfika, the visionary behind Amalthea Athens, an accessories brand dedicated to crafting exclusive collections of bespoke women's handbags and custom-made creations. Our designs are meticulously produced in Greece, embracing a harmonious blend of simplicity and luxury. Each bag created in my atelier is part of a collection inspired by the stories told by the materials, colours and shapes themselves. The circle holds a special place in my heart as my preferred shape, symbolising unity, wholeness, infinity and abundance. The logo of Amalthea Athens - a captivating image of a goat by talented artist Vanya Xydas - is centred within this shape. It resonates with me as it evokes the story of Amalthea from Greek mythology, symbolising eternal abundance.

My love for Greece runs deep, and I draw inspiration from its rich cultural heritage and skilled textile artisans. The amalgamation of Greek tradition and contemporary design presents challenges. I firmly believe in the principles of a circular economy and advocate for the resourcefulness of local communities. My mission is to utilise the skills of Greek craftspeople, thus contributing to preserving their traditions. Along this path, I had the privilege of crossing paths with Branding Heritage and collaborating on the 'Weavers of Greece' project in Crete. Sustainability in fashion is of paramount importance to me, and I am committed to adopting a zero-waste philosophy and incorporating recycling practices. The relationship between humanity and nature, as well as our ecological footprint, deeply concerns me. I actively collaborate and participate in various domestic and international projects led by Fashion Revolution Greece. In addition to using fibre scraps, I am keenly interested in exploring and utilising innovative materials, such as Pinatex, an eco-friendly leather derived from pineapple fibres.

Arritos & ICHNOS
Natural herbs and clothing inspired by the essence of Greek nature and tradition

Small, handmade tea pouches with herbal blends, reminiscent of traditional Greek attire.

Small, handmade tea pouches with herbal blends, reminiscent of traditional Greek attire.

We, Vivi and Kyveli from Thessaloniki, embarked on a mission to breathe new life into Greek nature and tradition, making them relevant to the present. Thus, we established Arritos. Our approach involves carefully selecting organic herbs from every corner of Greece to craft unique herbal blends with distinctive and diverse aromas and flavour profiles. These blends are enjoyed as invigorating hot or refreshing cold beverages, incorporated into cooking and baking, and utilised by professional mixologists.

Remaining loyal to the essence of Greek tradition while embracing contemporary lifestyles, we have created small, handmade pouches using Tsantila, a traditional cotton fabric with a history of many uses. Three years after establishing Arritos, we gave life to our brand ICHNOS, a concept based on the inseparable relationship between nature, art, tradition, and humanity. Drawing inspiration from natural materials, geometric patterns and shapes reminiscent of traditional Greek attire, we meticulously craft collections that evoke the timeless spirit of ancient Greece while embracing a minimalist aesthetic. Our commitment to quality and timelessness parallels our deep respect for the environment and the well-being of individuals. ICHNOS presents a unisex range of garments that can be styled in various combinations, transcending seasons and adapting to different occasions. In essence, both Arritos and ICHNOS share an unwavering love for Greek tradition and a shared environmentally-conscious philosophy.

GW - The Greek Wine Routes
All of Greece in one glass of wine

Eri Koraka; founder of GW - The Greek Wine Routes.A boutique brand that showcases a range of high-quality services in the country's esteemed winemaking regions, accompanied by a carefully curated collection of souvenirs inspired by the country's wine culture.

Eri Koraka; founder of GW - The Greek Wine Routes

"...A sip of Greek culture, hospitality and elegance, combined with the aromas of an enchanting past and interesting present..."

I am Eri Koraka; I have roots in Nemea, Greece, a place with breathtaking vineyards. Driven by a vision to illuminate the abundant cultural tapestry woven through every native vine, I founded GW - The Greek Wine Routes. As a boutique brand, we embark on an imaginative and distinctive journey to explore Greek wine and the vibrant culture enveloping it. We offer authentic experiences in Greece's storied vineyards while providing innovative gifts and souvenirs inspired by its wine culture. Embracing wine as a timeless symbol of Greek hospitality and warmth, I drew inspiration from its essence. With a sophisticated and stylish approach, I crafted a comprehensive and innovative wine tourism offering.

GW - The Greek Wine Routes showcases a range of high-quality services in the country's esteemed winemaking regions, accompanied by a carefully curated collection of thematic souvenirs that embody the brand's distinctive personality and entice those yearning to explore the hidden pathways of Greek wine. Our meticulously crafted services and products are infused with the essence of modern Greek culture, capturing its vibrant aromas and distinctive characteristics. Throughout this captivating and enriching journey are the ambassadors of GW, Lefki and Achilleas. They pose beside renowned ancient Greek monuments and converse with representatives of antiquity whilst savouring Greek wine from numerous wineries. They indulge in tastings, meet passionate producers, and delve into the fascinating world of Greek grape varieties. They cordially invite you to join us on these extraordinary wine experiences where history, culture and captivating aromas intertwine in a delightful symphony that awakens the senses. Cheers!

Olive oil done differently

Organic extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegar, encased in distinctive handmade ceramic packaging made by  LADOLEA

Organic extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegar, encased in distinctive handmade ceramic packaging made by LADOLEA

We are Thanos and Panos Kloutsiniotis, the driving force behind LADOLEA and the Melissi enterprise. Rooted in our family tradition, we established LADOLEA in 2012 with a deep reverence for high-quality Corinthian olive oil. Our name, LADOLEA, seamlessly combines the words 'Ladi' (Oil) and 'Elaia' (Olive Tree), encapsulating our passion for crafting authentic Greek products. At Melissi, we meticulously produce top-tier organic extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegar, including the esteemed Agiorgitiko and PDO NEMEA varieties. Each product is encased in distinctive handmade ceramic packaging, embodying our commitment to excellence. Our packaging draws inspiration from the Aryvalo, Corinthian vases dating back to 700 BCE. They hold significance in the ancient Olympic Games, used to anoint athletes with olive oil for wrestling events. They also served as vessels for storing precious perfumes among the aristocracy of that era. Exclusive to LADOLEA and based on an original design by a skilled Greek ceramist, each bottle is handcrafted, resulting in a truly unique piece. The exceptional quality of our products has garnered recognition in 30 international competitions in olive oil and packaging design.

The Cool Projects
Soaps and decorations inspired by nature

Soaps and decorations inspired by nature made by The Cool Projects

Soaps and decorations inspired by nature made by The Cool Projects

We are Marina Coriolano-Lykourezos (owner of Cats & Marbles, an Athens gallery) and Yanis Zagorianakos (chemist, artist and handicraftsman). In 2013, upon relocating to Aegina, we established The Cool Projects. Our mission was to create a unique space where the beauty of nature and the rich traditions of Greece converge in simple, handmade crafts.

We wholeheartedly support fair trade, small-scale production, and native handicraft. We seamlessly blend modern design with uncompromising quality. Our unwavering commitment to the environment drives us to champion recycling, minimise packaging, and promote local entrepreneurship. With steadfast dedication, we independently design and produce our products, collaborating with skilled artisans from various regions of Greece. The results are natural, handmade soaps and unique items for the bathroom and home. We promote respect for the environment, revealing the beauty and creativity of Greece, hoping to offer you a piece of it so you can share your experiences and memories of our country. Cool Soap, Mood of the Day & Cool Collection, home utilities, and vegan olive oil soaps are available on our website and in locations across Europe.

Christina Skouloudi Design Studio
Memories of authentic Greek life

Collections of utensils and other everyday objects by Christina Skouloudi Design Studio

Collections of utensils and other everyday objects by Christina Skouloudi Design Studio

I am Christina Skouloudi. Since the beginning of my studies in industrial design in Great Britain, I have been fascinated by different materials, their possibilities, their dynamics, their processing techniques, and their aesthetics. This is where my inspiration and the originality of my work come from. Without diminishing the importance of an object's functionality, I am also very interested in the element of surprise - the unexpected.

At Christmas 2009, I founded Christina Skouloudi Design Studio to produce collections of utensils and other everyday objects, trying to communicate with the world 'my language'. From then until today, my works aim to create a close connection between the user and the object. I love the simplicity and warmth of traditional-folk Greek utensils and furniture. I love their honesty. This profound admiration drives my choice of materials, such as wood, metal and leather, and the pursuit of simple, unpretentious forms. Through my creations, I aspire to evoke a sense of nostalgia and awaken memories of authentic Greek life in designs devoid of unnecessary aesthetic embellishments.

If there is a distinct Greek essence present in my work, it manifests itself in my abstract style. Just look at the abstract nature of figurines from the Early Cycladic period, the rustic charm of folk furniture like sofas and simple stools, and utensils made of tin, enamel and wood. Through this perspective, I created DIATRITA, a collection of wood-turned dinnerware that marked my initial foray into the Greek market. Recently, I delved into crafting bags using Tyvek, a paper-like material. In my eyes, their appeal lies in their beautifully-crumpled texture and the gentle way they pair with the body. You can discover my creations at various museum shops and island boutiques, including esteemed locations in Athens such as the Benaki Museum, the Museum of the Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation, Mon Coin and True Story, as well as Theta in Serifos, Muses in Corfu, Kallisti in Alonissos, Zominthos in Rethymnon, Myra in Chania, and more.

The candles of the gods

Wooden details complement the packaging of candles.

Wooden details complement the packaging of candles.

We are Spyros and Eleni Moumouri. CHOE is a hybrid brand with a green footprint, created and developed in Corfu, where we were born. CHOE is based in Kanakaredes, a picturesque village of no more than 200 inhabitants living among stone-built alleys and old olive groves of the valley of Ropa. Our 400 square metre workshop is that of an old carpenter, where the wooden details that complement the packaging of our candles come to life, connected to the memory of the space. CHOE is associated with the Greek word Choe, a liquid offering, with wine, water, honey or oil, made in ancient Greece to the gods of the Underworld. The scent of our candles takes inspiration from the Mediterranean landscape. We pay special attention to the aromatic beeswax of our candles, sourced purely from Greek beekeepers.

Greece everywhere
Miniature ouzo bottles adorned in traditional Greek costumes.

Miniature ouzo bottles adorned in traditional Greek costumes.

I am George Gionas, a graphic designer and the creative director at Yonas Design. In 2009, almost serendipitously, the concept of gogreek® was born on a simple piece of paper. Our vision was to create a line of Greek products to celebrate and promote Greek culture through a contemporary lens. Fueled by this idea, we sketched drafts and crafted prototypes. In 2011, I presented the entire gogreek® concept to Mrs Elina Psimiti, an entrepreneur. She immediately embraced the project with great enthusiasm and became a dynamic supporter.

The journey commenced with the launch of the 'gogreek® collectables series', featuring miniature ouzo bottles adorned in traditional Greek costumes and presented in collectable packaging of exceptional quality. From there, we expanded to encompass various collections, including the Olympian gods, legendary heroes from mythology and antiquity, and heroes of the Greek War of Independence, in 1821. Over time, we incorporated additional product lines such as extra virgin olive oil and elegant everyday items like coasters, pillowcases, mugs, keychains, backgammon sets, scarves, and more. Each showcases themes from Greek mythology, history and tradition, all expressed through contemporary Greek design. The gogreek® brand is ever-evolving, consistently introducing new products. They are ideal gifts for collectors and meaningful tokens for visitors who wish to carry a piece of Greek culture with them. The design and packaging of gogreek® products have received numerous awards in Greece and abroad. We invite you to explore them in hopes they will carry the essence of Greek culture to every corner of the earth.


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