Your piece of Greece

Have you ever been on holidays, wishing to never leave the small place of paradise you call “home” for a few days?

That is a feeling common to everyone visiting Greece. Greece’s islands and mainland create a homey atmosphere to their visitors. Most tourists choose to come again and again, year after year after year, bringing loved ones along with them to explore and enjoy their “best kept secret”.

So how about living the dream? How about owning your own piece of paradise?

Greece and its beauty are well known. It is the only country linked to summer vacation, freedom and all things nice. But, have you ever been to Greece all year around?

With its unique tradition distinguishing different parts of the country from each other, from the Venetian feeling of Corfu to the Ancient Greek influence of Thasos, you can never have enough of Greece.

Throughout the years more and more people have grown interest in having a holiday house here, bringing the topic of real estate in talks. Owning land in a place far from the place you are used to call home, is considered not only as an investment but also an adventure, a new beginning, a never-ending dreamy reality. That is why hundreds of thousands of tourists become “Greeks” themselves. They choose to not only visit Greece every year, but to also be owners of their own small piece of Greece.

So, why do so many different people choose Greece and Greece’s islands for their forever home?

Greece has over 6,000 islands, from tiny hidden islets to internationally known holiday destinations. There are many quiet Greek islands, which make peaceful havens that are home to rugged natural beauty. Others are bustling hotspots teeming with beach bars, excellent tavernas and lively Greek culture. Only here you are able to live, walk, and breathe ancient history at every given moment, and have access to the most expensive and pristine beaches in the world. Experiencing Greece means experiencing a type of idyllic lifestyle that only a few and fortunate are able to live as a reality. .

Included in Travel + Leisure’s list of the 20 best islands of Europe, let’s take the island of Corfu for example. It is undoubtedly one of the most versatile islands of Greece. Whether you are the one to party or whether you like to stay in and relax, there is a place in Corfu perfect for you. That can be something really important for people on vacation but isn’t it appliable to everyday life too? Corfu's culture, cuisine and climate are second to none. It is a top tourist destination with rapid tourism rate increase. It has an international airport, marinas and a port that serves as a leading cruise ship destination. Corfu offers 300 days of sunshine a year and is one of the safest places on the planet, based on environmental and social factors. Being the gem of Mediterranean gastronomy, it combines traditional recipes of the mainland, the islands and Minor Asia, with quality raw materials, wine and distillation products.

Last but definitely not least, it is worldwide known that Corfu is one of the richest islands historically and culturally! From the Achilleion, the palace of Princess Sissy of Austria, and the summer Palace of Mon Repos, formerly the property of the Greek royal family and birthplace of Prince Philip, all the way to the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, where the Museum of Asian Art of Corfu is currently located, history is embedded in the island’s buildings.

Because of its history and significance this specific region has drawn fresh investment to the hospitality sector, including 4-and 5-star accommodation in Corfu, with the examples of the Chinese Fosun Tourism Group, as well as the investment of 125 million euros from the Sani/Ikos Group. A perfect example is also the investment of the former Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani who has chosen to renovate the famous Miramare Hotel and has also turned another famous hotel on the northern part of the island into his own private holiday villa.

Owning land will never lose its value. This is the main reason why buying property in Greece has become a popular topic in the last decades and which better way to do it than in a Greek island.

Still having second thoughts as to whether you need to invest now?