What Makes Greece So Special

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Working mommy burnout is a real thing. Busy working women with kids are, in fact, 18% more stressed than full-time mothers. A meaningful break is necessary.

Most of them fantasize about spending a kids-free vacation every ear. But I am going to encourage you to go travelling to Greece with your children.

At first, you’ll scratch your head and wonder, how moms can be with their children and relax at the same time but last year I tried this place with my little bunnies, and it completely changed my mind.

You spend quality time with them, create beautiful memories, and teach them about new cultures. It was completely special and worth it.

No matter if you are going on a solo trip or with kids, there are so many things to experience in Greece. From deep blue waters to stunning scenery and from delicious cuisines to unique festivals, Greece is the perfect place for family vacations.

Ten things that made me totally fall in love with Greece

If you’re not sure whether to visit Greece on your next vacations, here are ten reasons why I think moms with children should visit Greece once in a lifetime.

1. Extremely romantic Santorini island
Greece has more than 2000 islands, each with its own identity and appeal. My favorite one is Santorini. According to the findings, around two million tourists visited the Greek island of Santorini in 2019.

It is known as the island of love and a favorite spot for romance. I instantly fell in love with its perfect golden sunsets, incredibly scenic views, and beautiful architecture, making small whitewashed houses settled on the cliff.

You might have already spotted this place in so many movies and romantic songs such as Santorini Blue (2013), The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (2005), D’ Agostino (2011) and many more. It has so many beautiful photo locations for your Instagram profile too. My most favorite ones include three blue domes in Oia, Anastasi Church in Imerovigli, and The little boat in Thira if you want to watch the sunset without the crowd.

I especially recommend the Rocabella Hotel in Santorini Island because it serves great food and wine and has the most welcoming staff.

2. The kind and beautiful people
There’s no better place than Greece when it comes to hospitality. I stayed at a family hotel and eat at family restaurants where I meet the most inviting people.

While the whole world announced Japanese as the most polite ones, I ranked Greek people at the top of the list. Most of them don’t speak English fluently, but you can always expect a friendly welcome.

3. The breathtaking beaches
The child-friendly sandy beaches with beautiful blue waters make Greece a family holiday spot. I would suggest Perissa, Elafonisi, Mykonos, and Kamari as the best ones for families as they are spacious offer so many activities for children.

Besides incredible beauty, the beaches are well organized and have all the comforts to treat families well.

Your kids can enjoy water sports, volley courts, or run in the parks. Plus, you can easily find a lifeguard who supervises the kids and ensure beach safety for children while you enjoy your time.

4. Delicious food
The traditional Greek cuisines are popular for its diversity. Tourists love their cold dishes and seafood, but there are other options made with fresh vegetables for a person like me who is not fond of meat.
The best thing about Greek food is that it is diverse, mouthwatering, and genuinely affordable.

Don’t leave this place without trying these dishes.
  • Oven-bake Moussaka (layers of sautéed eggplant and lamb mince topped with cheese and sauce).
  • Spanakopita (savory pastry made with spinach and cheese filling).
  • Greek salad (with plenty of fresh olives and olives oil).
  • Souvlaki (a popular fast food dish consisting of cooked meat pieces with grilled tomatoes and onions served in pita bread).
  • Pastitsio (Greek lasagna).
  • Greek Baklava (a sweet dish made with a combination of nuts, olive oil, and honey filled in pastry).

5. Greek traditions
Sweet traditions are another reason to visit this place. I personally loved the Greek dancing tradition and folk music.

You can watch a great dance performance at the Stratou Greek Dances Theatre, a museum with a collection of more than 2000 folk costumes, art jewelry pieces, and art structures as well as a huge library.

You’ll also get to see the local Greek tradition by visiting the Athens Central Market. In this market, you will find Greek foods, including popular nuts, toasted dried fruits, fish, and fresh meat from local food vendors.

The market remains busy from morning till late afternoon as locals and tourists do their shopping.

6. The magical nightlife
Greece is a favorite destination among passionate travellers often searching for best dissertation writing service to beat academic stress. As the sunsets, you can experience the vibrant streets that a number of islands offer. The best places for partying in Greece are Corfu, Paros, Athens, Mykonos, and Mykonos.

You’ll find drinks, dinner, and partying options all on the streets. You can go to an open-air cinema or on a walk to experience the pedestrian streets with stunning architecture that looks all different at night. Grab a bite of the Greek street foods like Gyros and Moussaka, which are considered as the equivalent of American hamburgers.

Because of the prominent drinking culture in Greece, you have the option to visit a nearby cocktail bar. The local specialties that you can try include Ouzo, Raki, tsipouro in the form of shots or cocktails. You can also try local beers like Alfa and Mythos, but if you can also enjoy a non-alcoholic drink like Mastiha.

7. Rural villages
There are so many beautiful and unspoilt villages across the Greek islands to explore. These are the places that look breathtaking in all seasons and weathers.

Zagorohoria is a perfect village for enthusiastic travellers. There are less than 4000 habitats in the area of 1000 square kilometer. This means that you’ll see only four people for every 1 kilometer. The peaceful area is crossed by a river and have the most scenic routes with stone made bridges.

8. Ikaria
You’ll be surprised to know that the remote island of Ikaria is one of the best places to escape the crowd. It reportedly has the highest number of healthy older adults above the age of ninety (Greek city times). The scientists are yet to discover the secret behind the long lifespan of people.

Upon my visit to this beautiful place, I realized that rural life is the single most important reason that gives the local people such longevity. They work manually and go on mountain hikes which enhance their physical condition. Short mid-day nap and consumption of organic meals has proven to improve heart health.

Visit this place yourself and try to discover why this blue zone is known as a place of nature and longevity.

9. Ouzo
Ouzo is the name of the national and the most popular drink of Greece. It has deeply embedded in the Greek culture that people drink it on almost all occasions.

The milky white colored drink consists of pure ethyl alcohol extracted from by-products of grape used for wines and then distilled with anise, which gives it a strong licorice flavor.

You can enjoy this drink on a hot summer day with your lunch. Most Greek restaurants pair this drink with meat platters and little cheese bites.

A pro tip to enjoy the drink is to sip it slowly. The Greek ritual of drinking is meant to be peaceful, so the process should be slow and deliver long-lasting pleasure. So do drink Ouzo the Greek way.

10. You can explore it on your own
You can always explore the picturesque streets of Fira on foot which also makes Greece as one of the less expensive places for vacationing around Europe.

Despite having some economic issues in the country, you’ll find reasonably priced food and accommodation without breaking your bank. This makes Greece a top destination choice for tourists.

Plus, Greece is a safe place for women to travel alone. I was hesitant at first to visit this place due to my limited language knowledge, but upon visiting, I realized that the people are so easy-going that even introvert traveller can roam around alone.

Of course, there are many other reasons to visit Greece; these are just ten. You feel relaxed and stress-free during your trip because Greece has something magical in its air. Let me know if you have any tips on why women should visit Greece.

I will love to know if you like my idea of travelling with children.