Inspiration away from home

Being in the UK, in strict lockdown, and seeing Greece handling the crisis successfully was both a relief and an inspiration for me. While I live far from home, my family still resides in Crete. With the prospect of the country slowly opening up, I thought about what life could be like once we get through this tough period as a collective - and the beautiful Greek summer ahead of everyone, not just for those that live there already.

Of course, people would need to know that it is safe and OK to come and visit again. While I was sure there would be information sent out - I knew that visual representation of this would be just as important. Illustration is also a medium that can often be overlooked in official correspondence in Greece and I wanted to be able to create something that could relay the same message but reach different and more diverse audiences in a clear and relatable way. More broadly, my work as a creative has focused on utilising vibrant colours and subtle animation in a variety of ways. Usually centring on exploring fashion and music - key parts of London life - I attempt to capture the everyday, multicultural and free flowing city I live in. As Greece begins to accept tourists internally and abroad, I hope that the liveliness I see both in London and back home can once again shine through and my work plays a small part in aiding that.