7 Must-See Hiking Destinations In Greece

Greece is one of the best places in the world to travel, if you’re a hiker or a nature-lover. With 80% of the country covered in hills and mountains, Greece offers hikers and nature-treading visitors a beautifully natural paradise. Here are some must-see destinations in Greece with extravagant trails, as well as great escapes into nature (if you’re a fauna and flora lover)!

Mount Olympus “Ólympos, or Mount Olympus, is the fabled home of the gods,” says Helen Roddy, blogger at Writinity and Lastminutewriting. “It’s Greece’s highest mountain, standing at 9,570 feet tall, and is rich in wildflowers and vegetation. It’s also has a misty, ominous vibe, which make you think that the gods are really living up there. You can visit in autumn, when it isn’t too misty.”

Mount Athos Also known as the Holy Mountain (or Agio Oros in Greek) to religious scholars, Mount Athos lies on the easternmost point of the Halkidiki Peninsula. Although this site is not for everyone (with it not allowing women and small children on site, due to religious doctrines), this place is known for its beautiful landscape of fauna and flora, and numerous secluded trails to walk on.

The Menalon Trail Menalon is home to not only fauna and firs, but also wildlife like foxes, reptiles, and boars. Plus, many rivers, streams, and springs welcome even the most curious visitor to explore its natural wonder.

Samaria Gorge The largest gorge in Europe, and one of the most sought-after hiking trails in the world, the Samaria Gorge Trail is sure to amaze. The gorge was formed around 14 million years ago, and is home to rare flora (450 species, to be exact) and fauna. Although you’ll need a ticket for entry, the best times to visit are spring or summer, when weather conditions are favorable.

The Corfu Trail Corfu is a hiker’s and climber’s paradise that won’t bore them at any point in their travel. The abundance of flora and fauna, and even views of awe-inspiring villages and architecture will definitely make the exploration worth it. Known for its hidden curves and easy-to-follow directions and signs, Corfu Trail will keep hikers on the right track during their exploration.

The Píndos Mountains These mountains are mostly known for its iconic arched stone bridges, its extravagant summits, and its famous cobbled stairway, Skála Vradétou. You’ll go through time, as you experience the historic and natural atmosphere of the Píndos Mountains.

Pílio (Pelion) Peninsula “Mount Pílio is a good holiday destination, if you’re into mythology and centuries-old memorabilia,” says Shannon Scott, travel writer at Draftbeyond and Researchpapersuk. “Did you know that Pílio is considered the legendarily home of centaurs? Locals swear that the walks make them feel like they’re walking through a fairytale. The best times to visit are from late April to mid-June, or from September to early October.”

Conclusion Want to have the best experience in Greece, and also get close to nature? Then check out these seven hiking destinations that Greece has to offer. Even if you’re not a pro in hiking, these trails offer a great experience for many who visit.

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