Τhe Holy Wines of Tinos

Northern from Santorini, in the heart of the Aegean Sea, nestles the Holy Island, known as Tinos. For many decades, Tinos has been something more than just a beautiful Greek island. It's been home to spirituality and religion, with a high resemblance to Santiago de Compostela! It's a  place where every Greek believer should visit at least once in their lifetime, and get the chance to pray to Virgin Mary's Church. Long story- short, it's the leading Orthodox pilgrimage, and you can't miss it!

  If you think that Tinos is only famous for its religious qualities, then you must be mistaken! The island of Tinos, like any other Greek island, has been gifted with unique terroirs. The source of its uniqueness arises from its isolation, the strong winds it endures, the period of droughts accompanied by little to no rain, and its poor soil! But this has not always been the case for Tinos. Why not? Well, the picturesque, semi-mountain, rural villages of Tinos, with long-established vineyards, haven't always been as well-known as they are today! However, everything changed when two passionate wine-lovers, Alexandre Avatagellos and Gerard Margeon- thefounders of T-OINOS winery- visioned something big; the regrowth of the ancient vineyards in Volax! A lunar landscape with enormous granite boulders, which is a peculiar geological phenomenon in Greece. If you are a wine-tasting lover, then brace yourself, because the wine tourism in Tinos, offers a multilayered, one-of-a-kind experience! Start your journey at T-OINOS and continue your adventure at the VAPTISTIS winery at Mesi village. The only thing better than wine-tasting itself is wine-tasting while watching the breathtaking view! Take in the magnificent scenery while listening to Yiannis Moraitis narrate the story of wine culture!     But the journey must go on! Next stop? VOLACUS winery! Established in 2010, it's one of the most extraordinary vineyards, since it lies on a lunar-like landscape, surrounded by 'volakes' the giant-size granite rocks. Another astonishing element of Tinos is the fact, that you will never be served plainwine. Traditional gastronomical delicacies will be served right by the side! Picked up with care from the local markets, and cultivated by local producers, you'll get the opportunity to take a small taste of Greece's indescribably delicious, cuisine, consisted of wild artichokes, fava bean, volaki, kopanisti, local cheese, and smoked louza- the Greek version of bacon!     Ιf you're interested in getting to see the raw beauty of the island and experience the different aromas and flavors of Tinos, we will let you in on a little secret; visit scenic villages, every single day! Set up from the marbled Tower to Isernia, which is an artist’s village, then Tarabados with their Venetian columbarium, and last but not least, Kardiani, which has a sunset you cannot miss and a plethora of catholic churches that are worth visiting.       These villages are the most popular ones, but hey, always remember to go beyond the surface! There are so many more, small villages, or as I like to call them- hidden gems! Don't miss the opportunity of discovering them- you'll be unexpectedly, pleasantly surprised. So, wait no more! Pay a visit to Tinos and see-or better yet- taste, for yourself! Adventure awaits!   Andriana Foi The Wine Connoisseurs – Wine Tourism Expert Founder & Owner WSET Level 3 Wines Certified