My favourite Greek island so far - I haven’t visited all of them yet but I will one day. Whatever I say about this island will not do it justice. You need to travel there yourself. Nature is beautiful over there. Effortlessly beautiful.  Brown or dark green shrubs sort of decorate all the streets of the island creating a unique landscape which is hard to find in most parts of Europe. Then there is so much pink and white. Pink bougainvillaeas perfectly fit with the white Cycladic style houses. Speaking about Cycladic style, architecture on Sifnos island is equally beautiful.     Check out all the different little churches of the island. Each of them is different. In case you wonder, there are 365 of them…they say there is one for every day of the year! And then, you have the beautiful colours of the Aegean Sea. Colours constantly change throughout the day. Vivid blue in the morning, and purple-orange in the evening. Sunsets can be incredibly beautiful and romantic too if you have the right company.     You should visit Sifnos at least once in your life. And if you do, there are ten things you must do. Eat ceviche in your swimsuit at Omega3, one of my favourite restaurants on the island. Walk around the beautiful alleys of Kastro village and admire the view. Go for an evening stroll at Apollonia, the central village of the island. Have a couple of cocktails and a summer outdoor movie night at Rabagas. Visit one of the smallest fishing villages, Cheronissos village, for a swim or for a taverna lunch by the sea.     Check out Sifnian pottery in one of the many pottery shops of the island. Taste ‘revithada’, ‘caper salad’ and 'fava’ at a local restaurant. Stay in your bikini! Actually, why not starting and ending your day with a swim? Eat ‘loukoumades’ with honey and cinnamon, a typically Greek dessert, at ‘Treis Xanthoi Angeloi’ in Apollonia. And last but not least, speak to local people, most of them are so friendly!   MYRTIWORLD