Serifos Island is place with a sprinkle of magic. A place that makes you feel closer to mother earth; a place that makes you communicate a bit better with yourself; a place that brings you closer to your other half – if you already found yours. Why? It might be the island’s beaches that have something primitive. It might be the locals. It could be the lack of trees and skyscrapers that always allows you to have a view of the sea, the sun and the sandy hills. And while looking at the sea or the landscape, you notice the tiny streets or the tiny harbour lights.  And this is when you realise that the biggest things can look so small and the tiny things can actually be the important ones. I think that’s the magic of this place; stuff that are usually being ignored in everyday life, acquire a deeper meaning and significance on Serifos Island. It can be any kind of stuff…The tiny rooftop terrace that during sunset transforms itself into a paradise. The fresh mint in your cold mojito glass taken from the bar owner’s garden and suddenly seems magically delicious during a hot summer night. The few colourful chairs by the neighbour’s door that break the white monotony and remind you why colours exist. Even the tiles on a random doorstep seem to be a piece of art. Every corner and every centimetre seems to be a bit more meaningful on this island. This simply refreshes your mind! If you are ready to experience this magic, start planning your trip for next September – this is when it is not too windy or hot but still warm enough!   MYRTIWORLD