The first integrated programme of recycling marine plastic waste from fishing and shipping activities BlueCycle is a Blue and Circular economy initiative with a holistic approach to marine plastic waste generated from shipping and fishing activities. It is the first integrated programme in Europe focusing on plastic fishing and shipping gear recycling. BlueCycle’s vision of creating a new “life circle” for these materials is based on research, innovation, new technologies and creativity, promoting sustainable solutions for the protection of the environment. Ghost nets and useless mooring ropes are converted into high-quality raw material, ready to be re-introduced in industrial production. BlueCycle Lab For the first time in Greece, a facility designed for processing and recycling the plastic fishing and shipping gear is created. A model-space, modern and fully equipped dedicated to recycling, creation and research. Activity • Processing of marine plastic waste through a certified procedure • Material sustainability and new use research • Design and development of products, services and/or artifacts, made from recovered plastic waste from fishing and shipping activities • Quality control of production (pellet, 3D printer filament) BlueCycle Lab will welcome researchers, designers, makers and artists to work and experiment with the procedure and their ideas for the reuse of plastic. The programme’s strength lies in the growing synergies. The recyclable material is gathered from the beach and sea clean-ups organized by our partners, the marine litter collection stations of Aegean Rebreath in several points in Greece, and from the network of manufacturers, suppliers and consumers of fishing and shipping equipment. Among our partners, Fran Vargas, co-founder of Plastikourgeio Shop & Lab, will be in charge of BlueCycle Lab. For the quality control issues of the material produced, we are collaborating with the Chemical Engineers School of the National Technical University of Athens as well as the Hellenic Center of Marine Research – Oceanographic Institute. The programme is created and operates under the auspices of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation.   Visit our webpage Facebook Instagram