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5 reasons to fall in love with Andros Island

Greece is a country blessed with the gift of countless beautiful islands scattered across the Aegean and Ionian seas. No wonder why during summer months these little pieces of heaven attract thousands of visitors. However, there is one island which still remains an untouched paradise waiting to be discovered even though it’s just a 2h ferry ride from Rafina port near Athens. Andros Island is a hidden gem in the Cyclades and we’ve put together just a few of the reasons why one can easily fall in love with its charms.The enchanting Chora Almost every Greek Island has its Chora which is, usually, both the largest and the oldest town on the island. Chora in Andros is quite special because of its unique architecture and elegant ambience. Built on a narrow peninsula, Chora or Andros Town is rather impressive with its neoclassical mansions and fairytale-like castle ruins. The marble Goulandris Square, dominated by the imposing statue of the Unknown Sailor, is quite the spectacle especially during sunset. Chora is also home to the superb Museum of Contemporary Art as well as a couple of other interesting collections. The ancient paths Andros Island is home to a wide network of ancient paths with a total length of more than 160 km. All these trails have been restored and signposted by Andros Routes, a team of passionate volunteers who have turned the island into a hiker’s heaven. Most importantly though, hiking in Andros is accessible to all, absolute beginners included. Walking along running streams in the green embrace of lush valleys or on top of lonely mountain tops is a memory to cherish for life. The fantastic beaches Andros beaches alone would be reason enough to fall in love with the island. Andros is abundant with spectacular beaches with crystal clear sea and, usually, golden sand. There are beaches for all tastes. There are remote ones of exotic beauty and unbelievably turquoise waters for those who want to just relax hearing nothing but the sound of the waves. On the other hand, there are also cosmopolitan beaches ideal for those who want to see and be seen and party under the sun. The amazing food Fourtalia is a kind of omelette, unique to the island. Its main ingredients include potatoes, spearmint and local sausages seasoned with aromatic herbs. Andros also produces superb local cheese which is perfect on a Greek Salad. Last but definitely not least, Andros Island has a long tradition in sweet tastes as well. Pastitsakia, amygdalota, bananakia and, most of all, fresh almond pastries are among the sweet treats that should not be missed. The unique cave One of the lesser-known yet utterly impressive caves in Greece is situated on Andros Island. Foros Cave offers its visitors a unique explorer’s experience, complete with helmets and torches. The guided visit to the cave is a window to a wealth of information and exciting moments alike. There is no doubt that Andros Island is a land of hidden treasures and pleasant surprises. Just a short trip from the Greek capital, Andros awaits all of us to go and unveil its secret charms.   It’s all trip to me Travel Vibe