Top 7 Natural Spas of Greece

In Greece, well-being has a long history. The thermal springs of Greece have alleviated ailments, revitalised and relaxed body and soul for centuries. There are 20 recognised thermal springs in Greece. Here is my pick of the best. 1. Edipsos, Evia The oldest spa in Greece, Edipsos is mentioned in the works of Aristotle and Plutarch. It is possible to bathe in the rock pools where steaming hot water pours onto the rocks, leaving multicoloured sediment. It is busy, slippery and there may be jellyfish. Most people prefer to enjoy the waters at a spa hotel. There are many but the most historic is Thermae Sylla Spa, built on two ancient thermal springs. A relaxing way to feel better. 2. Vouliagmeni Lake, Attica Just outside Athens, Lake Vouliagmeni is a spectacular natural phenomenon. Formed as a covered lagoon 2,000 years ago, the roof collapsed. Named from the Greek “vouliazo”, meaning to submerge, the lake is a national monument and part of the Natura 2000. Swimming in the lake promotes wellness from the potent mix of salts and minerals. The lake’s Garra Rufa fish aid exfoliation as well as massaging you! Lake Vouliagmeni provides an outstanding spa experience. 3. Loutra Pozar, Aridea In the Pella region of Greece, close to Loutraki and Edessa, Pozar thermal baths are fed by waterfalls. At Pozar hot springs the water has a constant temperature of 37°C and is enjoyed in natural swimming pools or at one of the spas. Combining nature, relaxation and healing waters, Loutra Pozar is a perfect choice. 4. Lagkada, Thessaloniki Close to Thessaloniki is Lagkada. The first balneotherapy (bathing in thermal waters) facilities in the region date back to 900 AD. Today Lagadas is a large thermal city. In addition to the ancient baths are a variety of modern tubs and jacuzzis. Face and body treatments and rehabilitation care are available. 5. Kallithea, Rhodes Kallithea springs have been famous since Hellenic times for their beneficial properties. The modern Spa was built by the occupying Italians in 1928. The springs were restored to their former glory after they had fallen into disrepair. Having swum in the healing waters and walked through the art deco buildings, I can highly recommend a visit to this spa. 6. Loutraki-Perachora, Corinth The healing thermal springs at Loutraki were known by the Spartans. Loutraki is now an important tourist attraction, due to its fame and proximity to Athens and the Corinth Canal. The 1934 buildings have been restored and luxuriously expanded. A host of treatments are offered at Loutraki Thermal Spa. I found Loutraki a charming town and it’s a great base for exploring the region. 7. Agios Fokas, Kos The thermae (hot springs) is located13 kilometres from Kos town. The hot springs have been present for centuries. A pool has been dug so that seawater cools the thermal waters, making it pleasant to bathe. I found it one of the great experiences of my visit to Kos. Promote your wellbeing at the natural thermal springs of Greece. Tasteful Travel Facebook Twitter