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Make Your Holiday a Wellness Experience

Well-being means bliss. Well-being means fullness and balance between mind and body. Αncient Greeks knew its value very well. They made it a lifestyle, drawing inspiration from the generous Greek land. Therefore, well-being translates into a simple, yet rich diet with mother earth’s most pristine products along with a program of non-rigorous exercise, both in complete harmony. The background of course for this to take place would be amidst the beautiful Greek landscape. A magical environment is full of surprises. Don’t just sit on the sidelines… Become one with our unique environment to discover its most hidden secrets! Hot springs, endless, enchanted rivers and lakes, mysterious gorges, primitive and rich vegetation, clean beaches with sparkling waters. Every corner of Greece hides a surprise waiting to be explored Become one with nature. How? Easy, with simple and primitive exercise within it. The basics have never been so exciting. Running, Watersports, Pilates, Yoga are just some of the activities you can take part in. Pilates in a hidden area of a sandy beach, with the first rays of sun relaxing body and the mind. Water sports at Greece’s most pristine beaches; Running on rugged, primitive paths, exploring the veins of the Greek countryside. Yoga on the top of a hill overlooking a landscape so vast that even the human eye won’t be able to fit, although the human mind will reminisce for a long time. Relax. After this sweet, regenerative exercise on the body, rejuvenate yourselves with perhaps massage therapy or a facial treatment. Ask for and use essential oils from Greek fruits such as citrus, thyme, honey and olive. Let the experts take care of your body and mind. Indulge in them and eliminate your physical and mental fatigue. Taste. The fruits and spirits of the Greek land. Unique products of the world, such as Greek thyme honey, olives, raisins and wheat. Products, such as fruits and vegetables, from pure organic farming. Bread kneaded with wise hands, baked with traditional recipes and flavours, representing local culture, making you time travel directly to the past and the Mediterranean of another era: just simple and straightforward. So if you are a lover of nature and alternative travel, if you are looking for a different way to spend your holidays with a more wholesome and healthy twist; if you are looking for Wellness and want to activate your body and spirit, you can start with your next trip to Greece, the place the gods blessed years ago. The DUKES, who are Zoe and Virginia, are offering you that getaway, the Fitness & Wellness Destination and Retreat programs at 5-star Hotels (with Wellness destination ) all throughout Greece. Our programs are personalized to meet everyone’s need and desire and surely addressed to everyone at any age. Duke's Fitness