5 Reasons You Must Visit Athens

The capital of Greece, Athens, has always been known for its combination of historical, yet edgy beauty. In the past, few people have visited the city due to political woes making it less appealing to tourists. However, in recent years, tourists are now able to see beyond the economic and political low that the city once experienced and instead, see the strong culture within the city. If you’re thinking of booking a trip to Athens, here’s a few reasons to do it. 1. The locals are extremely friendly There’s nothing quite like being greeted with a warm welcome from the locals when you’re visiting another country, right? It can make your whole experience so much better, because first impressions really do last. As Athens is a bustling capital city, people often assume that the locals will not be quite so welcoming, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. It is in their nature to want to get you know you and make you feel comfortable in their country, and this warmth is consistent throughout all of Greece, regardless of whether in a city or on an island. 2. The Acropolis This UNESCO world heritage site is a must-see when in Athens. The acropolis is a historical and architectural masterpiece. Although getting there can be a bit of a trek, with many steps to conquer and hot weather to tend with, but in the end you’ll find it completely worth it. The majority of visitors here like to take their time and enjoy a full day, spending it exploring and delving deep into the history of Greece. It truly is an experience you will never forget. 3. Traditional Greek food If you’re a foodie, Greece is the place to be. Athens will certainly not disappoint when it comes to delicious local cuisine to try, from Kebabs, to Revithokeftedes, and Ladokolla to name but a few. There truly is no better place to try traditional Greek food than Athens. And, if you’re a cheese lover, you’re in luck. You could try Saganaki (deep fried cheese) or Tirokroketes, which are golden, melt-in-your-mouth fried cheese balls. Need we say more? 4. The weather is glorious One thing that makes Athens, and Greece in general, such a great travel destination is the favourable weather. It is blessed with sunshine year-round, with only a few days out of the year that aren’t so pleasant, but even that is rare. Summers are hot, and if that’s what you like, you’ll be thriving in the Greek summer heat. If you don’t cope well with hot weather, visiting Athens from September through October may be much more suited to your taste, as temperatures average around 25 degrees Celsius. It’s still hot, but maybe more bearable. 5. The vibrant nightlife If you’re someone that loves a bit of lively nightlife, then Athens is the place for you. The locals here certainly know how to party and have a good time. In fact, Athens is known for coming alive at night. There are clubs for those who want to dance the night away, as well as relaxed bars with live Greek music performances. There’s truly something for everyone here! Stuart Cooke | UniBaggage.com