Delphi and modern prophecies

We visited the most popular Greek oracle in Delphi to find out who will win the world cup. In the ancient world, prophecies were very popular. The most prominent prophecy happened in Delphi at the Temple of the God Apollo, located on the slopes of the Parnassos Mountains in Central Greece. It was worth the 2.5-hour drive from Athens, not only to see the ruins but to get some important answers.
The Oracle of Delphi is probably the most famous oracle in the world. In ancient times, no important decision was undertaken without first consulting the oracle at Delphi. Many great leaders, politicians, and philosophers came here for advice, so why wouldn’t we? The prophet Pythia fell in a trance at the Oracle while answering the questions of pilgrims. The only problem was that the prophet used to give ambiguous answers so people were never sure what she really meant. One such prediction was the answer to a person inquiring as to whether it would be safe for him to join a military campaign. The answer was, “Go, return not die in war”, which can have two entirely opposite meanings, depending on where a missing comma was supposed to be – before or after the word ‘not’. We had an essential question. We wanted to know who was going to win the football championship in Russia. We got a clear answer: The winner of the world championship will be the one who kicks more balls into the goal in the final game! With this knowledge, we immediately went to the sports betting shop.
This little pony brought some colour into this grey world
The children weren’t impressed by the remains of the temple, but they showed great enthusiasm when they saw the turtle. We don’t know if the turtle is older than the ruin, but it was a real sensation anyway.
Turtle in Delphi
 Mom The Muse