Wooden toys: a story and dreams with a view of the sea

The ferry reaches Ios. A new island, a new home in the middle of the Aegean. Athina works at the excavation of the prehistoric settlement of Skarkos. Happiness. She spends the whole year out in the field with her hands in the earth, excavating, touching, writing. Cycladic fresh air, sun and clear thoughts.At home, a tiny workshop, music, toy models, hot coffee, a bold idea and more, crazy ones. Athina and Jose’s eyes are shining. They talk about toys, they make toys, and, before going to bed, they think of toys. They dream of a workshop in front of the sea. At noons they read about Joaquin Torres Garcia and sadness comes upon them when they read about his factory that was burnt to ashes. They learn how to build a website, how to take photos of their toys. Τhey write texts and send emails to blogs, newspapers and magazines. “We are the Wandering Workshop!” The white cat sleeps next to the stove. This is how the years in the Cyclades pass. Jose and Athina breathe the Aegean air, see blue all around them and make wooden boats. They go swimming in Kalamos and Tris Klisies and Plakes. They are happy. Their toys have started travelling to distant places. The first time they shipped toys to Australia, they danced all around the house while “Shhh…” the white cat was sleeping in the shade. Athina & Jose load their car once again. They cut mint from the garden to plant at their new home. Charli, the white cat barely fits in Athina’s lap. With tears in the eyes they say goodbye to their beloved friends: Gratsioza, Ilias, Rodoula and Kostas. They say goodbye to Kalamos, to Kato Kampos and Skarkos too. They get in the ferry…. By Athina & Jose | The Wandering Workshop