The nature of Halkidiki...

Are you lovers of authenticity, the unexplored, the unpretentious and looking to enjoy what nature offers generously? Then, you only have to explore this unknown and fascinating side of Halkidiki.Apart from its famous sandy beaches, blue waters and coastline of 550 km, Halkidiki also offers unbelievable forests and trails that invite you to horseback riding, to collect wild mushrooms and herbs that generously sprout from the earth. On the slopes of Cholomontas, oaks, black pines, beeches, pines, plane trees, etc. form green tunnels, impervious to sunlight. The flora of the region is complemented by the rich fauna, including deer, wild boars, hares, wolves, foxes, martens, badgers etc. Nature's symphony includes two incredible waterfalls in Varvara and ends with yews, alders, ashes, beeches, and wild hazel trees that grow in the surroundings. The wetlands in Sani and Ag. Mamas are ideal for bird watching as well as being the home to more than 180 different species of birds, always depending on the season, like migrating mute swans, black-winged stilts and egrets. An integral part of the experience and the contact with nature is visiting a farm, where visitors can learn how homemade yogurt is prepared, observe the entire honey extraction process by experienced beekeepers and taste fruit and vegetables produced in the farm. See, hear, taste. Halkidiki will captivate all your senses. By: Tania Akritidou