Outdoor Activities: Wonderful Ways To Enjoy Nature in Greece

From hiking under waterfalls to rock climbing and evening picnics watching fireflies, Greece offers myriad activities in gorgeous natural settings. 1. Sandsurfing in Limnos  You will feel like a Bedouin in Limnos as you cross the ‘mini desert’ on the northwestern side of the island, an expanse of about 7 hectares of huge golden sand-dunes and little vegetation. The dunes are best visited early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sand is not too hot to walk on barefoot. Snowboarders frequently come with their boards to slide down the sandy slopes. The best way to reach the site is by car – follow the signs to the dunes from the village of Katalakko (about 4.8 km away). After playing in the sand, take a dip at nearby (2.4 km) Gomati beach to wash off. 2. Hiking under waterfalls  If you hike alongside the river Krikelopotamos in Evritania where the rocks are every shade of white, red and purple, you will come to the heart of the impressive gorge of Panta Vrechei (meaning ‘Always Raining’). Here you will understand how the gorge got its name: waterfalls create a curtain of falling water 80 meters in length. If you would like to live this adventure accompanied by an experienced guide, Trekking Hellas organizes hikes, taking you to the start of the trail by 4×4. Before the hike you will drive along the prettiest route on the mountain of Kaliakouda, reaching an elevation of 1,700m. Hikes are organized every weekend by appointment and are accessible to hikers of all abilities. 3. Jeep Safaris for wine lovers on Mount Olympus  Drive in an open-top jeep in the PDO region of Rapsani, famed for its red wine that is created from a blend of the indigenous varieties Xinomavro, Krasato and Stavroto which are grown in vineyards on the southeastern slopes of Mt Olympus. You will stop at vineyards at various elevations (from 200m to 800m above sea level) to try the wine produced by each one. The wine tasting will be followed by a picnic at the church of Aghioi Theodori with a view of the village of Rapsani where you will stroll after lunch and visit the Museum of Wine and Vine. 4. Truffle hunting in Meteora   Put your faith in the nose of a truffle dog and go hunting for the edible treasures in the forest. In Kalabaka, the Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum arranges excursions with experienced guides and mushroom gatherers who will teach you about the natural environment and the secrets of these unique subterranean fungi. The day ends with a truffle pasta cooked out in the field and a visit to the museum where you will see 300 different stuffed animals and some of the many species of mushrooms that grow in the area. 5. Parnassos summer camp  All electronic devices are prohibited for the duration of the summer program of Elatos Resort, Summer Mountain Adventures which aims to teach kids to love the mountains. They wake in wooden cabins in the fir forest of Parnassos at an elevation of 1,300m above sea level, they hike, learn about natural cycles, play games, construct musical instruments and at night observe the planets and the stars through a telescope. Aimed at kids aged 7-14. 6. Celebrating nature in Kavala  For the 10th year the WoodWaterWild Festival will be held in Kavala, on the 16th and 17th of June. And it is truly amazing how many activities will be squeezed in to the gorge of Palia Kavala which features a footpath, waterfall, a small lake and restored watermill where there is a special area for camping. Climbing, archery, hiking, paintball, yoga and other activities will be on offer, as well as mountain running and mountain biking competitions. Concerts, parties, exhibitions, storytelling and bazaars will also be held, as well as tasting sessions and workshops to teach kids about the environment. 7. Hiking around gorgeous Mount Dirfys  From the car window you will see the chestnut trees of Steni Forest giving way to plane trees in the ravine. Higher up on the mountainside they are replaced by firs, backed by the alpine terrain of Mount Dirfys on the one side, and the Gulf of Evia on the other. One stunningly beautiful route starts just 7km from the village of Steni and leads to the saddleback of Dirfys (1000m elevation) from where the dirt road begins (2-3 km) that leads to the Michalis Nikolaou mountain refuge. In this area you can also hike along the many marked forest trails, climb to the peak Delfi (a demanding mountaineering route), rock climb on the Karaoulis rock face, go mountain or dirt bike riding, or just enjoy a picnic by the river. see full article here