Inspired by the Greek heritage

With creativity, design and culture at its core, Zeus+Δione was born from a passion to revive and redefine the local craft of artisans all over Greece, producing pieces that go beyond tradition, exceptional quality and fashion. Each piece is innovative, yet classical, contemporary yet timeless, conceptualizing a new lifestyle addressed to those who seek something rare.All products are made with premium materials and rare techniques used by Greek artisans and local workshops with a long tradition and expertise in their craft. Silk pieces are weaved on traditional looms in the town of Soufli known for the silk industry which has a long history dated from the Byzantine ages. Silk shirts are embroidered in Argos and Metsovo, hand  crochet items are knitted by the craftswomen of the Cyclades and Attica, silver handmade fastenings are wielded by Athenian silversmiths, dresses and shirts are weaved in Metsovo and in Crete. Embroideries based on traditional patterns are stitched by artisans on the island of Crete. Zeus+Δione gets inspired by precious elements of the rich Hellenic heritage, revisits them with a modern eye and transforms them into exquisite artistic creations with a universal, timeless statement. By: Zeus+Dione