Craving for the sun on Syros Island

We live in the center of the Aegean; we grew up near the sea, and under the sun. And that's what we are trying to pass through our design process. From the names of the sunglasses, to their designs, the graphic creations and their photographs, we are trying to give the feeling of the place we live. From images of Ermoupoli's houses, fields under the sun at the villages of Syros, everything relates to the bright blue color of the sea and the bright light of the Aegean sea, reminding us its islands. Lines and forms on the frame of our sunglasses that remind the waves of the sea, the boles of pine trees, the flow of the sand in the golden beaches of the Mediterranean and the essence of the cool summer night breeze. Reality is even bigger than just a few lines put together next to each other. That's because the material is alive; It has an odour, breathes and ages with you, as everything around us in this world. These are facts that the Mediterranean people understand since they are surround by nature and live in a different pace with her. We wanted to overtake plain descriptions of books that may distract us from that alive material. We wanted to live with the material, we wanted to hear the story from its side, by working with it. Thus, we explored wood's behavior by starting with small handcrafted artifacts and simple constructions. That is how we spent two and a half years of creative activity. There are times where a simple morning thought, is enough to change everything you take for granted. The way you live your life, your work, the way you perceive things, your state of mind, in general. We were lucky enough to witness a morning as such. To feel the sun's warm light shaping you and instantly an idea was born that very moment. That same moment, where sun dazzles you with its brightness. Since that morning our decision in making wooden eyewear was perfectly clear. So obvious, that since is the centre of any activity, thought and philosophy of ours. We started handling and shaping wood in various ways, learning new techniques and procedures. While training ourselves, wood started to train and educate us in its terms and ways. We are thankful for every piece of knowledge we extracted from this process and proud of our creations. So, we place back the results of our passioned labour where we first envisioned them, in front of the sun. By: Zylo