Nikos Aliagas and TF1 in Amorgos Island with the support of the "Authentic Big Blue"

Amorgos and the "Authentic Big Blue" will be at the center of the summer edition of the "50' inside" show that is aired by the French TV channel TF1, starring Nikos Aliagas.A group of 14 people visited Amorgos at the beginning of July and filmed parts of the show all over the island which is certainly one of the favorite destinations for the French tourists. The famous movie "Le Grand Bleu", which was filmed in Amorgos 30 years ago, was the reason Nikos Aliagas and his crew chose the island to film the summer edition of their show. The idea belongs to the Communications’ Director of the Greek Embassy in France, Dina Paneti. Authentic Blue Blue was invited to carry out the production on the island of Amorgos as for the first time the well-known presenter filmed for several days at a Greek location. The International Free-Diving Tournament "Authentic Big Blue" that will be hosted for the second time in Amorgos from September 16 to 23, will be presented during the show by Nikos Aliagas who has invited both Greek and French people to follow this important event. The "50' inside" show is on air every Saturday afternoon from the largest TV channel in France, TF1 and has 3-5 million viewers in every screen. The first show with images from Amorgos will be screened on Saturday, July 21st while the last on August 25th. Photo Credits: Authentic Big Blue and Go-Amorgos.