Escape Trip from Athens: Five destinations in North Aegina

If you are in Greece and you are struggling to figure out which Greek island to go in your free time. Aegina  might help you resolve this issue.The island is located in the Argosaronikon Sea, south of Salamina and east of Agistri (another really beautiful destination but that for another time). Aegina was the first capital of the Greek state in the 1826, and by exploring the island you can see the historic marks of time going back even to the ancient Greece. Seagles and dolphins will accompany you during your trip to the island. You can try to feed them also. They appear to be quite skilled… 1. The capital - Aegina Aegina offers a nice variety of old buildings and small roads to explore. You can walk on the beautiful quay watching the boats, trying to see if you could remember which flag represent each country. If you get tired there is a wide selection of coffee shops, bars and restaurants for drinks, food or desserts. A necessary stop is the small pistachio owners who are surprisingly every time so wonderfully excited and happy to assist you.They will always offer you something to try out. Best to buy their products just before you leave the island. After all, Aegina is the island of pistachios. 2. Aghios Nektarios A monastery complex only six kilometers from the capital. If you enjoy architecture sites it is a must stop. The grandiose of the temple will fill you with awe. The uppers levels however can get crowed so be aware of the numbers of buses that are coming in the area. 3. Kastropoliteia-Palaioxora Facing the Monastery is the Kastropolitieia; an area where many monks used to live. If you are interested in a beautiful trekking route with beautiful sightseeing (historic and natural); it is a stop you have to make. However, it is advised to bring with you comfortable shoes for walking and trousers due to the wild vegetation on the path. 4. Agia Marina Having explored the previous sights the next stop is Agia Marina in the far east part of the island. It is the most touristic seaside, so be prepared to meet more people. However, in the off season it is quite relaxed location. The waters are clean; neither warm nor cold, so swimming could be a nice refreshing activity after the constant moving of the day. There are couple restaurants in the area. However be aware of the influx of people. To be more precise, the service at the restaurant “Paradise” was below average. It is not recommended if it there are many tables occupied. 5. Ancient Temple of Aphaia A last stop before returning to the city is the ancient temple of Aphaia. It is located near Agia Marina and on the road toward the capital. It is highly recommended to explore the ancient site; you almost can feel the mystic vibrance of the Temple in the air. Walking around the temple will not take more than one hour. By Panagiotis Provatas