A few reasons why Amorgos will win your heart

Amorgos, the easternmost island of the Cyclades complex and one of the paradise getaways of the Mediterranean, according to a recent article by the FT, will truly enchant you with its natural beauty and authentic character.The unique atmosphere of Amorgos, its innocent yet savage spirit and its landscape full of contradictions, with steep slopes leading to crystal clear waters, is perfectly captured in The Big Blue… This unforgettable film by Luc Besson made this small island famous around the world and has granted it with an emblematic value, especially among the free divers’ community. Actually, this September, a special event will take place on the island, celebrating the 30year anniversary of this legendary film. The multi -thematic event will include a prestigious free diving competition and a local gastronomy festival! Gastronomy is in fact a central element of the island’s special identity and culture. While in Amorgos, you should definitely try the psimeni raki, a liquor with flavour of honey, cinnamon and clove, made since the ancient times in Amorgos, currently prepared by the monks at the monastery of Hazoviotissa -which is perched on the rocks above Agia Anna beach. Cheese lovers will be pleasantly surprised by the special taste of anthotyri, kopanisti and myzithra. Amorgos is also known for its organic herbs, the bakery goods and of course the unique home-made pasteli! The traditional coffee shops and tavernas serve different kinds of local delicacies, but what’s more impressive is the warm and authentic hospitality shown by the locals, who still remain loyal to the long-held traditions of the island despite the rise of the tourist flows. The visitor will never get bored in Amorgos …there are so many festivals and celebrations taking place all year round, infused by the typical greek spirit, that are considered an experience in se! Far from being a typical sea and sun destination, Amorgos offers many options for activities to the discerning traveler: hiking the well-maintained network of paths with the scenic views over the Aegean sea, donkey rides in rural settings, fishing in the crystal clear waters, agro-tourism experiences in organic farms, to name just a few... Once you visit Amorgos and feel its unique energy you will no longer wonder why thousands of travelers fall in love with this island and opt to return again and again! Βy Katerina Bardaka