Luxury meets Boho in Mykonos

Mykonos is famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, the entertaining lifestyle and the jet setter’s destination. A favorite destination for years, it still is the absolute summer dream as all types of travelers want to spend their summer in a Greek island. Hip and cool culture meets with the aristocratic posh parties, and traditional cuisines offer molecular cocktails. Let’s take a sneak peek of 5 things that you should keep in mind before booking your holidays!  Romance is Alive Capture the Sunset by the Faro Lighthouse. Manufactured in 1891 at the location Fanari of the cape Armenistis, it provides breathtaking views that will make the lovebirds happy. The Tower rises to 19 meters. Jazz and special acoustic events are performed at this historic and magical scenery on selected summer nights, so if you ‘d like such an evening, ask a local for the exact dates! FullMoonAdventure Let’s take a wild guess! You can’t wait to get to the famous Delos and Renia islands to live a small adventure and cool historical cultivation experience. Let me tell you when to make the perfect excursion to the birthplace of Apollo, the God of Light and to the uninhabited paradise of Renia. On a full moon day! Choose the sunset ride and then stay a little longer to ride on the glimmering waves. Magic! Behave like A Local Mykonos never sleeps, and you are about to experience it in flesh. Wanna mingle with the locals? Then behave like one. When the night is still young, walk around the whitewashed streets of the traditional Town in the island center. All the shops are open, so you can always window shop or just admire the latest trends. Around midnight you can head to your favorite venue for an early cocktail and then dance the night away in the clubs. Don’t forget to pass by the 24/7 bakery before going to sleep!  Authentic is the new Trendy Apart from the fine dining restaurants, enjoying good food at the seaside through the old and authentic taverns of the island. Plunge into the sea and then go next door to eat amazing mama’s food. Fokos tavern and Markos tavern will drive the fish lovers crazy with their amazing dishes. Kiki’s tavern- still with no waiter, no sign and no electricity – is a classic. Make it there early because waiting time is 1.15 hours! Party starts early The new Mykonos entertainment era demands that the party time moves to the afternoon. Wanna see and be seen? Champagne trumps coffee and the dynamite parties start at lunchtime. Don’t miss the daily sunset rituals at Skorpios; join Tuesday’s Deep Playa Heroes, the masters of electronic sounds and on Thursdays Horizon nurtures acoustic and experimental music! For pop lovers, the amazing universe of Nammos maintains its popularity as a peak selection for your after-lunch entertainment. The updated and worth mentioning addition is the Nammos Shopping Mall, where shopping is totally reinvented. Have fun and Mykonooooooos! BlueVillas The Luxury Concept