Best things to do in Crete

Crete captivates with its stunning beaches, cozy little villages, and out-of-this-world food. Get ready for mountains full of adventure, ancient Greek cities and days full of joy in Crete.

Visit Chania

Walking around in the charming streets of Chania is a delight! The old part of town is like a maze with a lot of tiny streets. You’ll find the most lovable restaurants and miniature shops in these small lanes. In the old part of town, you can discover the old harbor, which is a must-visit. Evening walks in this beautiful harbor are unforgettable.

Enjoy Cretan delicacies

Traditional and healthy as the food is in Crete, you’ll have a good time on the island if you like eating. Cretan specialties like moussaka, souvlaki, dolmades, and tzatziki have made quite a name for themselves abroad. In Crete, these dishes taste even better with fresh ingredients from local gardens. Olive oil, honey, and strong Raki are famous Cretan products and great souvenirs to take back home with you. Tip: don’t forget to try out a local greek salad when you are in Crete!

Get to the South coast

Those who want to escape the crowd of tourists, best visit the South coast of Crete. The Southern seaside of the island offers more untouched nature, calmer beaches, and cozier towns. Paleochora, Sougia, Plakias, and Preveli are good examples of such towns where everything is at ease. For the wild-hearted, the Southern mountains in Crete offer several decent hikes. These mountains are dotted with tiny villages and good but winding paved roads. Make sure you experience a breathtaking viewpoint in the Southern Crete mountains around dusk or dawn!

Hike in the White Mountains

The central White Mountains in Crete are sprouted with pine forests and high mountains. The most famous hike of Crete, in the Samaria gorge, starts at the Omalos plateau in the White Mountains. During this adventure, you walk through a 16 km long walled-in ravine. At the end of the gorge, you’ll get rewarded with an amazing view on the Mediterranean sea. The climb of mount Gingilos is another famous hike in Crete. Mount Gingilos is the highest mountain of the White Mountains. The awarding climb will take you about 8 hours. The views up there at the top are rewarding. But be aware: climbing mount Gingilos is not for the faint-hearted!

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